Who Won The Coin Toss Super Bowl 2019

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Civil rights icon and Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) joined Reverend Dr. Ambassador Andrew Young for the Super Bowl LIII coin toss. Lewis, who represents Atlanta in the. Watch the highlights from Super Bowl LIV between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Miami Dolphins running back Larry Csonka rushes in for a 5-yard touchdown against the Minnesota. History favours tails. Through the first 54 Super Bowls, the coin toss has landed on tails 29 times out of 54. Even though the odds of a coin landing on either side are 50/50, the Super Bowl coin. Sporting News embarked on a search to find the funniest and most bizarre ways you can win money beyond the Super Bowl 53 betting line. Here are some of our favorite prop bets for the big game in 2019.

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Who Won The Coin Toss Tonight Super Bowl 2019

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The coin toss felt overly complicated during Super Bowl 54.

The San Francisco 49ers won the coin toss by calling tails, and cornerback Richard Sherman kept it simple: “Defer.”


And that’s where things got a bit awkward. The official, Bill Vinovich, turned to Kansas City Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt.


“Do you want the ball?” Vinovich asked.

Who Calls The Coin Toss In Super Bowl 2020

And Colquitt looked confused. Because of course the Chiefs wanted the ball. That’s really the only option. Because when Sherman said “defer,” he was not deferring receiving the ball, he was deferring making a decision until the second half. Meaning the Chiefs had to pick between: Mystic lake hotel.

The opportunity to receive the kickoff, or to kick off; orThe choice of goal his team will defend

And so the Chiefs chose to receive the kickoff, because when the 49ers have their decision to make to start the second half — the one Sherman deferred — they will obviously choose to get the ball.

Got that? These rules are needlessly complicated, as we’ve talked about already this year. You’ve probably always assumed that the team that wins the toss just decides to kick or receive in the first half, and then whichever team doesn’t get the ball to start the game gets the ball to start the second half. If only it were so simple.

Even Vinovich got tripped up as he concluded his announcement on the toss.

Who Won The Coin Toss Super Bowl 2019 Mvp

“San Francisco — excuse me, Kansas City will receive in the first half,” Vinovich said.

Superbowl Wins When The Toss Was Won

The coin toss shouldn’t be confusing. But ever since Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott miscommunicated with an official on the coin toss, the NFL has tried to make it fool-proof, which (of course) has made it hugely complicated.