War Dogs: How to Make Money Off of World War 3

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If this escalates to another major war in the middle east or hell, maybe even WWIII, theres a lot of money to be made

At the height of the Iraq invasion starting in 2003, the US had around 150,000 soldiers deployed.

The US government has to outfit all these soldiers with $ 17,500 of equipment each + all the logistical costs: food, housing, water, plumbing, transportation

The gov doesn’t manufacture or provide any of this stuff. So that means at some point in the process, these products and services have to exchange hands with every day citizens like you and I.

And the way the government lets citizens and companies provide these products and services is through US government contracts.

The US spent nearly $ 5 trillion dollars on the war. All that money had to go to somebody.

You have the giant companies that secure the big defense contracts like Boeing, Lockheed, Halliburton. But when the US needs small orders, these big businesses can't fullfill them

Why waste your time for a few thousand to a few million in profit when you can build entire military bases for billions of dollars?

And for two young entrepreneurs David and Efraim, that is what they took advantage of.

When there are gov contracts that the big boys deem too small and not worth their time, we pick up their scraps, offer a competitive bid, fulfill the contract at all costs, and make a profit.

And within their first year of business, they landed over 100 US contracts which totaled up to over $ 10 million dollars. Then they landed a giant $ 298 million dollar contract.


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