Video Poker Strategy Double Double Bonus

For the most part, Triple Double Bonus Poker video poker strategy is similar to Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus. But considering that you get increased payouts on four aces + 2 4 and four 2s 4s + A 4, there are minor strategy adjustments that need to be made.

How to win at double double bonus video poker

Double Double Bonus Video Poker

  • Triple Double Bonus Video Poker Strategy 2021 So make sure you doubtless learn the right approach for playing video poker, correct recommendations are not often intuitive, if you’ll try your five-card draw strategy to video poker, like retaining a high kicker with a pair, you’re going to truly lose and you will lose badly over the long term.
  • However, in Double Double Bonus Poker four of a kind hands pay between 50 for 1 and 400 for 1. These pays range from equal to the pay for a straight flush to something much higher. Therefore to properly determine the rank of the paying hand, look at the pays, not the position in the pay table.
  • Part 3 of my video poker series for the ClubMikeV School of Gambling. Watch for a big hand dealt to me near the end of the session.Website: www.clubmikev.coT.
  • The next variation in the ‘Bonus Poker‘ family is a bit different than the two we’ve looked at in the most recent articles–‘Double Double Bonus‘ and ‘Super Double Double Bonus‘. ‘Triple Double Bonus’ is well liked by many ‘sharp‘ video poker players even though its returns aren’t anything special.The most player-friendly pay table returns 99.58% and the most common.

We always assume that our readers are almost complete novices, so we start with the basics of how to play video poker in general. A lot of readers are familiar with slot machines, and some of them think that video poker games are just another type of slot.

That’s not the case at all, in fact:

Slot machines are similar to video poker games. Both feature symbols on a video screen, and different combinations of those symbols have different payoffs. But most slot machine games have meaningless symbols and icons, like fruit or bars. Video poker machines use playing cards.

Super Double Double Bonus Poker

This is significant because you have no way of knowing what the probability of getting a particular symbol on a slot machine is. But true video poker games (as opposed to pull tab games, which only look like video poker games) use the same probability as a deck of cards. Planet 7 oz no deposit bonus codes 2020.

Strategy For Double Double Bonus Video Poker

Both slots and video poker provide you with a pay table that shows what the payoffs are for various combinations of symbols. But the combinations in video poker are based on poker hand rankings, and the odds of winding up with particular poker hands are known.