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There are three basic variations on the roulette theme in casinos around the world, although the differences are very small. They are British, American and French. In France the American roulette game is called English Roulette, which is more accurate.

Originally a Chinese game that uses a set of 32 dominoes, this casino table game version of pai gow uses a standard deck of 52 cards plus one joker. Like our other real money casino table games, the objective of the game is to beat the dealer, who is more commonly referred to as the banker in real money pai gow games. Baccarat is another thrilling table game that is a favourite choice of many players in the UK. It is also known as Punto Banco. There are two choices that a player can make here which is to be the banker or the player, a Punto or Banco. Roulette - The Most Popular Game in the World.

The game is all about predicting where a little white ball will come to rest after spinning around the rim of a roulette wheel. The ball circles for as many as 40 revolutions and as few as 4, the carousel (middle bit with the slots in, or hub) spins continuously in the opposite direction. When the ball and carousel collide, the ball bounces randomly and eventually runs out of steam to rest in a slot with a number attached to it. That number is the winning one.

The wheel sits on a roulette table that has a cloth 'layout'. The layout design has numbers drawn on it that correspond to those in the wheel (0-36). Money placed on, or associated with, the winning number on the cloth layout is rewarded with a prize payout in casino chips. There are different odds payouts associated with different number selections. (Full details of how to play roulette)


Its a fast action game that brings out the best and the worst of tempers. A quiet mid-week night in a provincial casino can be as boring as hell but saturday night will see plenty of cheering and swearing. This ain't for the faint hearted or weak willed. It can destroy sane people!

What about the different games? Well now, here's the funny thing. If you walk into a British casino you will, more often than not, see the roulette table designated as 'American Roulette'. What makes it American is that it uses different coloured chips for each player at the table so that their bets can be told apart. Choy sun. It is in fact British (see below).

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Types of Roulette Game
American 3835-15.40%- Coloured playing chips
- Tipping of gaming staff
- Double zero present, '00'
British 3735-12.78%- Coloured playing chips
- Tipping allowed
- Single zero present, '0'
French 3735-12.78%- Cash playing chips
- Tipping staff essential
- Single zero present, '0'
(1) Odds of payout for a full bet on a single number