Trying to make money as a freelance artist

y'all think being a freelance artist is so easy

❗ limited edition pin! once they've sold out they're gone forever 0:
👕 shirts 'n mugs' n stuff!

Voice Actors:
Scohui – ○
AlmostAlice –
Kayden Marx – ○
Chritty Talks –
Burritoshake –

Big thank you to all of my current Patrons & everyone who has donated on Ko-Fi: D
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Chipflake Theme Jazz Version by Tim de Jongh:
Original by Lovprod:

Sound Effects:
"Whoosh" by qubodup –
"Doorbell Notification" by TheBuilder15
"bubble1" by Godowan –
"MetalScrapeLoop2" by warrenXG –
(all edited by me)
All other sound effects were made by me!

Hardware / Software I use:
Audio – Rode NT-USB Microphone & Adobe Audition
Drawing – GAOMON M106K Tablet & Adobe Photoshop
Animation – Adobe After Effects & Adobe Photoshop
Editing – Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects

The brushes I use are a mix of the Photoshop default brushes and these:

The fonts I used are a mix of default fonts and these:

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Facebook Page:


if you've read this far you are epic and cool also remember to credit your music & sound effects that will make you even MORE epic and cool


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