Top Dota 2 Teams 2018

The 2017 – 2018 Competitive Season. July 3, 2017 - Dota Team. In just six weeks, a new world champion will emerge from Seattle, and for the Aegis bearers and fallen challengers alike, resurgent dreams of success in the upcoming year will already begin to take hold. Only the top 3 point earners on a team will contribute towards a team’s. Dota 2 Team World Ranking. Rank Name Points +/- Tournaments Full Lineup Active 1 44.756 0 11. 2 PSG.LGD 30.748 +1 14. 3 Team Secret 27.517-1 14. 4 Team Liquid 26.005 0 10. 5 Vici Gaming 22.256 +2 16. 6 Mineski 20.128 +3 16.

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The biggest Dota 2 event of the year is just around the corner and it seems like the perfect time to look at player achievements in order to get a better idea of whom to follow at the event.

With 18 teams battling it out for the prestigious aegis and a life changing prize money, it would be a spectacle of awesomeness. This is why today, we will be taking a look at the top 10 players who are attending The International 2018 and are a must watch if you are looking forward to spectacular plays and game changing moments. So without further delay, let us dive into the list of the players that are definitely a must watch at TI8.

1. YawaR

The first player in the list is the up-and-coming star player, Yawar “YawaR” Hassan. Brother to already star and phenomenon Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan, YawaR was among the most anticipated players of the scene. Luck however, didn’t favor the elder brother who was constantly switching teams in hopes of gaining a good ground. It took a lot of time and efforts for YawaR to come on track and get noticed.

Top dota 2 teams 2018 rosters

The player continued to perform well as a carry player despite a few ups and downs in his Dota 2 career. He has finally made it to his first TI and most importantly with a team that is expected to do wonders. Yawar would be attending The International 2018 with VG.J Storm and he is definitely going to be worth watching at the upcoming event.

2. Armel

SEA is famous for giving birth to gaming legends. Especially in the mid role, SEA has blessed us with the likes of Mushi, iceiceice, MidOne, Abed and many more. Armel is one of those upcoming stars who is destined to make history. Armel’s big break came when he joined Team Rave with whom the player immediately started bringing results.

All he needed was a chance and after joining the ranks of TnC the player has been giving every team a run for their money. Armel is the most talked about talent in the SEA region who is definitely going to take TnC far into The International 2018.

3. LanM

Zhang “LaNm” Zhicheng is known for his time in the legendary lineup of DK. Few from the community know how much he has done as a player for the teams he has played with. From starting his career in EHOME to taking them to a 5th place finish at The International 2016, the player has done it all. His team lost to potential finalists DC but had a 12-2 run in the groups. And this couldn’t have been possible without the efforts of LanM whose support plays and calls always seemed to be on point.

Slotocash no deposit free chip. LanM is known for his signature plays as a support Rubick, Earthshaker and Phoenix. If you are learning about support plays in Dota 2 then you shouldn’t miss any game from LanM at TI8.

4. Jerax

Jerax is among the very few support players in Dota 2 whom fans love to watch more than a core. His play making abilities is what makes him the best, and at times he has single-handedly won games for his team. Jerax holds the record of attending four Major finals in a row and has been the x-factor for his team.

This time around Jerax is going to the event with a revamped OG but that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to deliver plays. If you want to witness game changing plays by a support then you shouldn’t miss watching Jerax play.

5. Silent

Airat “Silent” Gaziev will be returning to The International after 3 years. In 2015, he came into the event with Team Empire and lost in the second round of the loser brackets. However, his in-game prowess has been a deciding factor for all teams that he has played with.

The player’s most recent motivational boost has been a third place finish at EPICENTER XL where the team lost to Liquid. Throughout the event, Silent’s role as a core was one of the most talked about thing that allowed the team to defeat OG, Pain Gaming and most importantly in the process.

Top Dota 2 Teams 2018

His skills as a carry player are unmatched and the team Winstrike heavily relies on the playmaking and farming abilities of Silent to get the lead. If you are an old-school fan of the game then you already know what Silent is capable of. If not, then trust us on this and do follow his plays at The International 2018.

6. YapZor

Top Dota 2 Teams 2018

There are a very few support players that get the fame and recognition. While core players become quickly an eye-candy for the viewers, support players take a pretty long road to gain the dominance. A few players however, have defied such odds and have been a deciding factor for their team.

These players on their signature heroes can change the tides of the game all by themselves. If left unnoticed they will gather enough farm to compete with the cores all alongside the spectacular plays that they pull from not-so-obvious heroes.

Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat is a name who has already created a legacy as a support player and is truly an undisputed player on his signature hero, Rubick. Yapzor started to gain recognition as an up and coming player from his time in Monkey Freedom Fighters where he played with a mix including names like SingSing and Demon.

It didn’t take much time for YapzOr to make way into a Tier 1 team with whom he is set to make history. At The International 2018, YapZor is on the list of players that you should watch and we are confident, he isn’t going to disappoint.

7. w33

We remember Aliwi “w33” Omar from his days with Digital Chaos where the team made a legendary run towards the final of The International 2016. And this couldn’t have been possible without the plays from w33 himself.

There is no doubt Aliwi is an exceptional player. It’s evident considering how much he has achieved with any team that he has played with. Before his big break in Digital Chaos, he was part of Team Secret with whom he won The Shanghai Major 2016 apart from several other podium finishes.

This time around w33 is attending The International with the Brazilian squad Pain Gaming. And immediately after joining, the team has started to play on another level. This can be seen with the team’s third place finish at ESL One Birmingham 2018.

Going into The International 2018, w33 would be backed by his old teammate Misery who joined the team as a coach a few days back. Under his supervision, w33 has always performed and it’s unlikely that we expect something otherwise.

8. Fy

Many refer to him as Fy-God and they do so for a reason. Fy is to the Chinese Dota what ppd is to NA Dota. As a 19 year old captain, he took Vici Gaming to a second place finish at The International 2014. And there hasn’t been a single year where he missed a podium finish at a premier event.

Under PSG.LGD’s banner, Fy seems to be shining the most as his drafting skills are giving even Team Liquid a tough time. His recent first place finish at EPICENTER XL winning the event against Liquid in the finals backs up the claim. Most recently, FY took his team to another first place finish winning the Changsha Major dismantling the hopes of various top teams in the process.

PSG.LGD is one of the top contenders to take the title of The International 2018. But this won’t be possible without the brains of Fy. If you want to learn more about draft and how to be good in both phases of the game then Fy is the only one to follow.

9. Rodjer

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If there is one guy who has allowed a team to continue its dominance in the Dota 2 scene then that is none other than Vladimir “RodjER” Nikogosyan. The player rose to prominence when he helped his team reach a notable place at the last TI. This is where he was noticed as a spectacular play maker. Na`Vi was quick enough to understand the talent and got him on board.

Here Rodjer won a Major tournament defeating VP in the finals while also achieving a fourth place at DreamLeague Season 8. knew Rodjer was more than what he was at Na`Vi and the team quickly acquired his services for themselves.

Magic struck the team as they immediately went on to win ESL One Katowice 2018 and several other Premier wins through 2018. And while all other members of VP played their part, Rodjer’s play was clearly in the highlights and is why he was awarded the MVP for ESL as well.

Rodjer and his team are expected to make history in a few days and we expect nothing less from Rodjer in making that happen.

10. MinD_ContRoL

Having a star studded lineup, players like Miracle and Matumbaman often take the limelight. Although each and every player in Team Liquid is worth watching, we couldn’t help giving special mention to Ivan Borislavov “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov.

Ivan’s presence in the game is crucial and is one of the reasons why Miracle and Matu are able to gain early space, farm and domination. His signature heroes Dark Seer, Beastmaster and Nature’s Prophet are among the first banned ones and if he gets hands on any of these it surely is going to be a nightmare for the opposing team.

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Ivan joined Team Liquid alongside Kuroky and has been a cornerstone in the team’s success. He is going to be a key player for his team in the upcoming TI and since he is one of the most consistent players as an offlane he should definitely be on your must-follow list.

Ending Words

All in all, this year’s The International 2018 is going to be one of the toughest ones that we see. In past few TIs, while not obvious, it was kind of predictable who was going to win the event. This time however, 10 out of the 16 attending teams are worthy enough to claim the title.

Top Dota Teams

With that being said, players from each of these teams would be worth watching and the list above would give you a better picture of who to watch in case you don’t have enough time to follow every match.

Top Dota 2 Teams 2018 Bracket

Stay tuned as we will be bringing you day to day updates from The International 2018 and everything related to the event until it ends.

Dota 2 Top Players

  • 1 Virtus.pro44.756011
  • 2 PSG.LGD30.748+114
  • 3 Team Secret27.517-114
  • 4 Team Liquid26.005010
  • 5 Vici Gaming22.256+216
  • 6 Mineski20.128+316
  • 7 Evil Geniuses19.082-214
  • 8 OpTic Gaming15.067013
  • 9 OG14.673-39
  • 10 paiN Gaming14.326+114
  • 11 Fnatic13.082-114
  • 12 VGJ.Thunder12.151+111
  • 13 VGJ.Storm11.887+111
  • 14 Keen Gaming11.523+424
  • 15 Natus Vincere10.715016
  • 16 TnC Predator10.204-417
  • 17 Newbee9.728-117
  • 18 Team Spirit9.055+326
  • 19 Team Russia8.212+12
  • 20 Alliance7.906+420
  • 21 EHOME7.747+519
  • 22 Geek Fam7.127-314
  • 23 Invictus Gaming6.752+817
  • 24 Execration6.688-223
  • 25 Infamous6.337-218
  • 26 Tigers5.842+25
  • 27 compLexity Gaming5.796-215
  • 28 Signify5.772+411
  • 29 Clutch Gamers5.687+117
  • 30 Team Empire Faith5.616-1323
  • 31 Alpha Red5.594+222
  • 32 Vega Squadron5.388-319
  • 33 Team Serenity5.326+713
  • 34 SG e-sports5.300-713
  • 35 The Final Tribe5.237-117
  • 36 Boom ID4.999-119
  • 37 Ninjas in Pyjamas4.81505
  • 38 Gambit Esports4.407-217
  • 39 Rock.Y4.36205
  • 40 Keen Gaming.Luminous4.314+119
  • 41 FlyToMoon3.898+15
  • 42 Unchained Esports3.332+612
  • 43 EVOS Esports3.074+214
  • 44 Team Aster3.052+208
  • 45 DeathBringer Gaming3.031+2211
  • 46 Natural 92.901+910
  • 47 For the Dream2.816+310
  • 48 Elements Pro Gaming2.710-212
  • 49 Nemiga Gaming2.700+916
  • 50 Team EVER2.692+111
  • 51 Team Hellas2.668-41
  • 52 The Pango2.665+114
  • 53 Team Kinguin2.648-1511
  • 54 PG.Barracx2.642+1810
  • 55 iG Vitality2.548+713
  • 56 Team HighGround2.523-27
  • 57 Team Admiral2.499-58
  • 58 Fire Dragoon E-sports2.487-95
  • 59 ROG TiTans2.431-66
  • 60 Marlerino Esports2.367+329
  • 61 LGD.Forever Young2.251-189
  • 62 Eclipse2.224-614
  • 63 J.Storm2.194-63
  • 64 MEGA-LADA E-sports2.072-517
  • 65 slozhniy memas2.053-48
  • 66 Newbee Young2.052+918
  • 67 Royal Never Give Up2.045+126
  • 68 Mr Game Boy1.965+2026
  • 69 Winstrike Team1.945+166
  • 70 Team Root1.933+726
  • 71 Alpha Blue1.927-66
  • 72 HAPPY GUYS1.921+336
  • 73 ESPADA1.914-39
  • 74 Mad Kings1.880-812
  • 75 Aurora Esports Club1.856+1311
  • 76 Team Lithium1.820-26
  • 77 TPB1.809+1228
  • 78 Gorillaz-Pride1.780+2813
  • 79 Team Peru1.770+344
  • 80 TEAM TEAM1.768-43
  • 81 Sinister 51.766+33
  • 82 IamPoint Club1.764+196
  • 83 Forward Gaming1.752+403
  • 84 The Brestomans1.745-1313
  • 85 TNC Tigers1.740-74
  • 86 Akatsuki Clan1.694-48
  • 87 No Bounty Hunter1.682-412
  • 88 Athletico Esports1.681-15
  • 89 Burden United1.524-39
  • 90 Neon Esports1.518+67
  • 91 CDEC Gaming1.504+2412
  • 92 Immortals1.489-239
  • 93 Hashtag?.DOTA1.455-33
  • 94 Team Canada1.452-31
  • 95 Singularity Esports1.451-1813
  • 96 HunkysFromZavod1.365-159
  • 97 Sterling Global Dragons1.349-36
  • 98 LeetPro1.348+273
  • 99 Team Leviathan1.332-193