The Best Way to Make Money in Elite Dangerous doing Passenger Missions – Robigo + Sothis Guide

In this video I will show you the very best way to make money in Elite Dangerous doing passenger missions in Robigo and Sothis. This passenger mission guide in Elite Dangerous is a great way to make money. We compare the Python to the Beluga to see which ship in Elite Dangerous can make the most money per hour!

So which ship will come out on top? The Python basing out of Robigo Mines? Or will the Beluga come out on top at Hausers Reach with it's massive cabin capacity?

I guess you will have to watch this comparison how to guide video to see which ship is the best way to make money in Elite Dangerous doing passenger missions!

Easily make over 125 Million an hour in Elite Dangerous at Robigo Mines! Once you get good you can whittle the time down a bit more to make 6 runs in about and hour and 6 minutes. That will equal 140 – 150 million in 66 minutes. That's pretty darn close to laser mining for LTD's at the triple hot spot in Boronn 2! If not a little bit better for some Commanders! Doing passenger missions just might be your ticket to being filthy space rich!

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