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Quite often poker beginners face the problem when downloading the PokerStars app up to a certain time they have to play for play money chips only. But one day they realize that the game for play money chips isn't as fascinating as the game for real money. But within the PokerStars software they can't find how to switch to the real money mode. That's why they start bombarding Internet with queries like 'PokerStars: how to switch to the real money mode?'.

This article was specially written for such players.

You should consider that you can't simply switch to the real money mode in PokerStars: first you're to complete several steps.

Transfer from to real money games

Many novice poker players ask one question: 'which PokerStars is for real money'. This question arises because marketing team can not promote real money poker games everywhere, so the have created a web site for play money only and called it You can download the software there and join the real players from all over the world, who keen on playing for fun. But some day you will understand that you need real surge of adrenaline. And for this reason, you somehow have to create real money PokerStars account.

You are not allowed to play for real money in PokerStars because you've registered your account on, which implies that the game will be for play money chips only. In order to start playing for real money in PokerStars, you need to create a new playing account on

PokerStars real money not allowed - what to do


A new account should be registered with the help of the device (computer/telephone/tablet) that hasn't been previously used for PokerStars gaming clients. Otherwise you won't be able to play for real money.

1. In order to register an account for the real money game in PokerStars go to the website following the special link.

2. Create a new account.

3. When creating a new account use the PokerStars marketing code = psp19423

Your new PokerStars account can now be used for both real and play money games.

Survivor odds to win season 40. In case you've created an account in PokerStars from the mobile app, read the article 'How to enter the marketing code when registering via the mobile phone'

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PokerStars is by far and away the biggest online poker room, with over 25,000 people online at any one time, they continue to be the market leaders in the world of poker. Downloading their software is very easy and this article will guide you through exactly what you need to do to not only download their client, but also become eligible for their fantastic $600 sign up bonus. The diversity of the software opens the doors for Mac users who wish to play at PokerStars.

Download Pokerstars and get a massive $600 Bonus

PokerStars Full Version for All Real Money Games

PokerStars currently run from two separate domains in and Both sites have been created to meet the rules and regulations set by the gambling council in terms of advertising their poker brand. Whilst is targeted at the free play market, is targeted at the rest of the world who are eligible to take part in real money online poker. The two websites run in conjunction with one and other, but makes it easier for players to access the right site for their country.

Automatic Software Updates

Pokerstars For Real Money

The PokerStars client is built in with an automatic update feature meaning that for each time you load the client, it checks to see if that version is the most up to date available. If it finds that there are newer releases of the PokerStars then the update and download process will begin automatically meaning you can be assured that you are playing on the most up to date version of their software.
The scales of each download can vary greatly. Some updates may be that of minor bugs and in fact, you may not actually notice what has been updated. Other updates may be that of an overhaul of the layout or structure of the site making a big difference. Depending what and how much of the client has been altered, will affect the download time of the update.

How To Get Real Money On Pokerstars

PokerStars are one of the few poker clients that actually offer both a Windows and Mac poker client that are separate entities in terms of downloads. All you need to do is click on the download button on their website and you will be prompted to select either Windows or Mac depending on your operating system. Once selected, you can go through the download process following the prompts on your screen.
Now we have established how the client works, we will guide you through the download and registration process before coming on to inserting your unique PokerStars bonus code. This next section will help you create your real money poker account and allow you to play online with PokerStars.

PokerStars Real Money Games Installation and Registration

Once your Pokerstars real money download begins, you can select a few different options for this process. One of which will be the file path name. Now there is no need to change any of the information on the download, but if you feel you are confident enough to do so successfully then feel free. Most users will be satisfied with the standard set up.
After you have completed your download and loaded your client an automatic update will take place (even if you have just downloaded he client). This is because PokerStars offer so many updates that even the downloaded version may still be a little outdated. You can get the latest Poker Download on our Page dedicated to it.
The next step is registering and account. If you already have a play money account then it’s easy to switch this to a real money account simply by heading to the cashier and making a deposit. You will be promoted for a few more security question upon this process.
For new users you will need to create an account username and password, along with a valid email address for which you need to have regular access to in case PokerStars need to get in touch. After this there will be a series of information boxes regarding yourself that you need to fill. Please take the time to make sure these details are filled in correctly, mistakes now can cause major headaches down the line.
Arguably the most important part is filling in your bonus section. At we can accommodate a $600 bonus for new users to PokerStars simply by entering the following bonus code. Once that code is entered in the box your account will become active to the bonus code.
The whole registration process does take a little longer with PokerStars compared to that other poker clients, but it’s a one off thing and it’s all in the name of making your account secure. Whilst it can seem a tedious process, simply bear in mind that at the end of this you will receive one of the best poker bonuses on the net.

First Deposit Bonus

Play Real Money App

Once you have made your first deposit at PokerStars, you are then eligible to go and play at any of the thousands of real money poker tables currently available on their client. Your deposit will also have triggered your fantastic $600 sign up bonus. The bonus is live for 180 days, which is staggering amount of time compared to the likes of some poker rooms offering just a 30 day clearing bonus.