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To Hawaii residents, but neither federal nor Hawaii laws currently provide any consumer protections for Hawaii residents who play on these web sites. Moreover, tens of millions of dollars in 2017 revenues generated from online gambling are being realized by offshore operators serving Hawaii. Reviewing Online Betting Sites for Hawaiians. The process we use for legal betting sites in Hawaii is comprehensive and unbiased. We look at many factors including bonuses, payouts, odds, and issues, to provide the citizens of Hawaii with the best betting. As the 50 th state to join the union, Hawaii’s constitution is comparatively young. However, it was still ratified in 1959, so there’s no mention of online gambling, which isn’t surprising. But the gambling laws in Hawaii are strict and explicitly spelled out regarding land-based betting. Even though there aren’t state-regulated online. Legal Hawaii Online Sports Betting. Below is a collection of brands our team has personally vetted. Each sportsbook you see on this page employs a high-quality security profile, maintains consistent payouts, offers a wide selection of deposit methods, and provides competitive betting lines and odds (including live sports betting. Top Online Sportsbooks for Betting in Hawaii. If you’re looking to bet on college football or basketball, you have to make sure you find a sportsbook that has great odds on your favorite Hawaiian team,.

While it would make for a better read to list out all of the possibilities for in-state real money gambling in Hawaii, it’s not that easy, at least not for the time being. The Aloha State has not been welcoming to land-based gambling.

There isn’t even a state lottery that supplements the education budget. But with all of the forward movement across the US when it comes to gambling online, you never know what the future holds for the islands. For now, the best Hawaii gambling sites are somewhat limited in number.

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Although they’re not overly abundant, real money online gambling sites for Hawaii do exist. And some of them, such as the ones we recommend, are top quality.

You’ll find a variety of online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms that operate from outside of the state, allowing locals to register an account and gamble online in Hawaii. It may not be as preferable as having your local casino open its virtual doors, but HI doesn’t have any land-based gambling, so options are limited.

Super gorilla slots free play. If you’re looking for some clarification on Hawaii’s online gambling or possible future in-state expansion, all will become clear soon.

Our team of experts follows an extensive review, rating, and ranking procedure to come up with the best online gambling sites for Hawaii. After all, we’re talking about risking real money, so you require a safe, secure, and fair service.

Without a good starting point, it could take you quite a while to narrow down your options. Therefore, we’ve done due diligence by coming up with individual reviews, then comparing the accumulated data. From there, we can organize the information, so the very best HI gambling sites rise to the top of our rankings.

Only the highest-rated operations end up on our list of recommendations for real money online gambling sites for Hawaii. Then, we take the complete directory and break it down into categories.

So, if you’re specifically looking for an online sportsbook, casino, or poker room, you can go directly to those abbreviated lists. There’s no need for you to pull up the top Hawaii gambling sites one by one to see gambling selections.

That’s not quite the end of the story, though, as our process includes a schedule of revisits and reevaluations.

No site isn’t guaranteed to retain its recommended status, as our team stays on top of changes in the online gambling world.

When it comes to the legalities of gambling in HI, all eyes are on two similar proposals, Senate bills 850 and 2669.

Either one is far from being a sure bet. But if something passes, Hawaiians will eventually see, and be able to participate in, some type of legal in-state, in-person gambling.

Current Lack of HI Gambling Options

Up to this point, Hawaii and Utah have established themselves as the only two American states without any in-state gambling. Now, that may not seem like a big deal, but that extends to things like state lotteries as well.

Historically, Hawaii has done everything possible to preserve its culture. When it comes to filling the state coffers, the government has always turned to its booming tourism. The constraints have been so stringent that the Aloha State even requires cruise ships to close their onboard casinos in Hawaiian waters.

As the 50th state to join the union, Hawaii’s constitution is comparatively young. However, it was still ratified in 1959, so there’s no mention of online gambling, which isn’t surprising. But the gambling laws in Hawaii are strict and explicitly spelled out regarding land-based betting.

Even though there aren’t state-regulated online operators, some from other jurisdictions have still opted to allow Hawaiians to use their services.


You won’t find seemingly endless lists of online gambling sites for Hawaii. Still, there are a variety that covers casino gaming, as well as some limited sports betting and poker room action.

Overview of Hawaii Gambling Laws

  • Casinos: Not legal
  • Poker Rooms: Not legal
  • Sports Betting: Not legal
  • Pari-Mutuel: Not legal
  • Lottery: Not legal
  • DFS: Not legal
  • Online Gambling: Not legal to run in-state operations; some operators in other regulated jurisdictions allow for Hawaii-based players

If you’re fortunate enough to live in the Aloha State, a downside (for some people, at least) is that your access to gambling is minimal. But many Hawaiians enjoy casino gaming and betting opportunities of all kinds, and it’s evident by popular HI to Las Vegas tour packages.

Even if you’re proficient at table gaming, or you can spend hours at your favorite slot machine, gambling online in Hawaii may be entirely new to you. That’s to be expected, though. You’re not using cash for wagering, the games look different, and you’re incentivized differently with bonuses and promotions.

Prepare for Gambling Online

We can get you started with our list of recommended real money Hawaii online gambling sites. But you’ll want familiarity with everything involved so that you have the best experience and can reap the most significant benefits.

So, the first thing that you’ll want to do is identify your preferred site. You can start by looking through our list of recommendations to make things faster and easier. From there, though, you’ll also want to look closer before you register an account. We can narrow down your options and suggest some the best Hawaii gambling sites, but then you’ll need to find your favorite.

Once you have a service that you gravitate to, you’ll need a way to move money into your online betting account. The easiest way is to use Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency that the site accepts.

Bitcoin is the most straightforward method. There’s no formal financial institution that needs to approve anything, and you’ll be able to take advantage of quick and, typically, fast transactions.

If you don’t have a cryptocurrency wallet and you don’t want one, then the top Hawaii online gambling sites all accept cards, but approval depends on your bank or card provider. So, it’s a good idea to have a back-up method as well.

Online Bonus Considerations

Before you get to actually gambling online for real money, there’s one more thing that you’ll want to consider, and that’s whether or not to accept a bonus offer. Online gambling bonuses have some wagering requirements that you may or may not be willing to undertake.

For example, a 200% deposit match is a typical new player offer. It means that you would get $100 in bonus cash if you deposit $50. However, you may then need to roll over that $150 total something like 30x or 35x before you have any free and clear winnings.

You’ll have quite a few decisions to make when you first get started. The process includes picking a site, having financial methods ready to go, and deciding whether or not to accept a welcome bonus. But then let the games begin!

We previously shared our overall recommendation process when it comes to online gambling sites for Hawaii or anywhere in the world.

Online Betting Hawaiian

It would be easy to select the most attractive sites or grab some random casino names and put them on a list. But that wouldn’t be helpful, as you want the all-around best in real money gambling for Hawaiians.

We follow the “triple-R” strategy of review, rate, and rank, and the whole process is essential for our rankings to be accurate. We go through a checklist of important criteria and integrate the results with our expert evaluations plus player feedback.

The specifics on our checklist include the following factors.

  • Player acceptance
  • User-friendless
  • Mobile access
  • Licensing and regulation
  • Variety and quality of gaming
  • Range of betting options
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Banking options and fees
  • Payout speed
  • Customer service
  • Fair terms and conditions
  • Reputation

Some factors, like reputation and banking, are weighed heavier than others.

The goal is for a site to excel in all areas. But, above all, you want fair, secure, and safe online gambling in Hawaii.

Hawaii and Utah have stood their ground when it comes to in-state land-based gambling, at least until now. There are a variety of factors that could change the social and legislative landscape, though, and bills 850 and 2669 are evidence of possible expansion.

While there aren’t any brick and mortar casinos, nor can you bet on racing or even buy a lottery ticket in HI, there are real money gambling sites for Hawaii players.

These sites are regulated outside the state, though. So, it’s wise to shop around and find the all-around best Hawaii online gambling sites when it comes to reputation and services. Follow our recommendations and you won’t go wrong.

Hawaii has the strictest gambling laws in the entire United States. Not a single form of gambling, including even daily fantasy sports, is currently legal in the Aloha State. This makes Hawaii the only country, outside of Nevada, without any type of gambling allowed. The state does not have any brick-and-mortar casino facilities nor does it permit legal online betting.

Offshore sites

The lack of a regulated gambling market thus keeps the niche heavyweights such as bet365 USA away from Hawaii. The only possible way for the local residents who’d fancy placing wagers on their favorite professional and college teams is to go for offshore sites. However, these gambling hubs are very tricky due to the lack of integrity.

Offshore operators can simply decide to close operations without paying customers’ funds back at all. They can also select not to pay out someone’s winnings given that nobody has the power to control them in such non-regulated circumstances.

Revenue losses

However, although the players are by no means protected, they still decide to take the needed risk and place bets at these shady sites. They simply have no choice. This is where the Aloha State suffer enormous losses every single year. The Hawaiian residents generate tens of millions of dollars in online gambling revenues, but the state does not claim even a piece of that cake. Everything goes to the offshore operators. On top of that, illegal gambling operations have been discovered within Hawaii as well.

Unsuccessful attempts


The Hawaiian lawmakers have tried to propose gambling-friendly bills for years but without success. One of the first attempts came in 2013 when the lawmakers pushed for the establishment of a Hawaii Internet Lottery and Gaming Corporation. Nevertheless, the bill was instantly refused.

The most recent bills, SB 2571 and HB 1107 faced the same destiny in 2019 and 2020 respectively. The former was pushed for the creation of a task force to examine to what extent would the state benefit from a legalized online gambling in terms of cash revenue. The latter was supposed to form Hawaii Sports Wagering Corporation, a body meant to oversee and regulate sports betting within the state borders. Both proposals were promptly shut down in their respective committees.

The most popular sports in Hawaii

Unlike New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, or the vast majority of other US states, Hawaii does not have a single professional sports team. Nevertheless, it does not necessarily mean that the Hawaiian residents do not like sports. The aforementioned revenue numbers generated by the offshore gambling sites prove the opposite. Football is by far the most popular sport among the local population. After all, the Aloha State is home to a team featuring a Division I FBS college football program.

It will be very interesting to follow for how long the local lawmakers will be able to resist the temptation of embracing legal gambling. Judging by the success the industry has recently achieved in other states across the country, we would not be surprised to see major steps in this area in the years to come.

Online Betting Hawaii

Can I get arrested if I bet in Hawaii?

The answer to this question interests many people. The good news is that you will not be arrested, as the bans relate to illegal betting, which is carried out without a state license. On the other hand, access to online casinos and bookmakers that legally operate abroad is allowed. So, you are not breaking any law and there is no need to fear arrest.

When can we expect domestic online sports betting and casinos?

It’s hard to say when that could happen. Considering Hawaii doesn’t support gambling, retail sports betting is a bit too big right now.

What are my legal betting options in Hawaii?

Just as there are no legal bookmakers and casinos in this country, so there is no legal betting. However, many online bookmakers claim that they are allowed to accept bets from all over the USA, including Hawaii. Unfortunately, this is not always true because no bookmaker is licensed. Because approvals are enforced at the state level, many operators operate without a license. In other words, it can very easily happen that they don’t pay you when you win.

Hawaiian lawmakers have unveiled four new bills that could change the way video games containing loot boxes are purchased and sold in the state of Hawaii.

Three years ago, a lot of dust was raised about the “predatory practice” of loot boxes, which is why many countries began to investigate the question of whether their implementation in video games is a form of gambling. Among the many critics of microtransactions, Hawaii stood out in particular, recently presenting a bill to regulate the sale of video games containing loot boxes.

According to a report by the Hawaiian daily – Hawaii Tribune-Herald – there are four different bills, the first of which, House Bill 2686 and Senate Bill 3024, advocates banning the sale of video games with loot boxes to people under 21 – the current minimum age for legal gambling in the state. House Bill 2727 and Senate Bill 3025, on the other hand, require publishers to visibly indicate that their title contains microtransactions as follows:

Warning: This product contains in-game purchases and gambling mechanisms that can be harmful and addictive.

MP Chris Lee, who presented the bills to protect young people from “psychological manipulation”, said that he grew up playing video games and that he “experienced first-hand the evolution of the industry from one that seeks to create new things to one that began to exploit people, especially children, to increase their profits”.

Is Online Betting Legal In Hawaii

Of course, nothing is official yet as the state government needs to vote on these proposals first before they become law, and the question of whether loot boxes should be regulated as gambling has not yet been debated.