One Card Poker Online

One Card Poker Online

1 Card Poker

OI! That's my entry for the GMTK Game Jam of 2019.

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Welcome to my poker page! Here you can play one-card poker against the computer. Of course, the bets are not for real money. Click the Deal button to begin. Here are the rules of the game: you and the computer each get one card. Casino Frog Gives You The Latest Online Casinos With Poker Games. All card players probably have an interested in finding the newest Poker rooms online. One tip is to check out Casino Frog were. The Internet's most comprehensive poker source: poker news, poker videos, poker tournaments, poker player results, poker blogs, poker odds calculator, free online poker and deposit bonuses, and a.

Call by clicking your tokens, fold by pressing the red button.

Perfect: Pair [The same value of the Flop]

Very Good: High Straight [The value of the Flop + 1]

Good: Low Straight [The Value of the Flop - 1]

Not Bad: Flush [The same color of the Flop]

Meh: High Card [Only the value of the highest card between your card and the Flop]

AuthorPoken Claus
GenreCard Game
Made withUnity
TagsGlobal Game Jam, poker
One Card Poker Online

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I didn't even know how to play poker until I found this game ahaha. 57 rounds and I somehow won. Surprisingly enjoyable! I really enjoy the visuals, absolutely stunning. I really enjoyed playing in general.

Virgin river casino bingo. A very well put together game, visuals are fantastic and the intractability of the table stuff was a joy. The game itself is really fun too, it was really fun. if you continue to work on the game I would love to see something for the player who has the blind can do other than wait and hope they dont lose (Maybe with a bet/raise system). this has been one of my favorites of the jam

Very nice idea! I like how you can still recognize it as poker. Being able to bet more than one round would have made the game significantly more interesting though.

I like the idea but I really dislike being regularly insulted by the game, especially considering that when it's your turn to be forced to bet you basically can't do anything to change the outcome so being told I suck when I couldn't even play is.. meh.

Funny, fastplay idea. But it lacks the reraise function, this would especially speed up the headsup. Atm it is quite long ^^

very nice! I love how you were able to really break it down to pokers most simplistic aspects.

Free Three Card Poker Online

This is a pretty nice and short game. The interactivity with objects in the environment is really cool. I like the idea of how it incorporates the Game Jam theme, but it also feels ridiculously easy with how often you get straights and flushes. I feel that the rules of poker need to be modified slightly to accommodate for the single card you receive so that there are higher stakes.

One Card Poker Online Game

Fun, but the end of game is a little bit boring. Could be really cool with more players (the idea is really original by the way)