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One of the big benefits of World Cup soccer betting is the variety of wagering options available to the public. Not only is soccer betting unique from a match standpoint, but the multitude of futures betting options make this entire event intriguing for savvy gamblers.

The 2018 World Cup is being held in Russia and will run from June 14 to July 15. You can make a basic futures bet on something as simple as which nation will win the tournament. But you can also bet on things like which teams will make the semifinals, which teams will make the quarterfinals and which teams will advance through the group stage and into the Round of 16.

Odds To Advance World Cup Champions

I have always felt that there was a lot of value betting on the odds for teams to quality for the knockout stage. Sleepers and underdogs don't win the World Cup. So, if you have one or two long shots that you like to play well in the tournament then this is a way to cash in on them in a low-risk, high-reward situation with a lot of leeway.

The World Cup features 32 teams broken into eight four-team groups. Each team in the group plays a round robin (three matches). Clubs receive three points for a win and one point for a tie. At the end of those three matches, the two teams with the most points qualify to advance to the Round of 16, or Knockout Stage.

Bayern were strong favourites coming into the final with best DFB Cup betting odds of 1.27. The German Cup final is held at the Berlin Olympic Stadium since 1985. Bayern Munich are the most successful team in the DFB Pokal history and would inevitably start the competitions as the shortest DFB Cup betting odds comparison favourites. There are two years to go until World Cup 2022 kicks off, but already there are four countries who find themselves as big favorites to win the whole thing in FIFA odds. The latest World Cup soccer odds have France (+500) as the current favorite, and the reigning world champions are followed in the odds by three teams who are so close they are almost joint second favorites.

World Cup group odds are currently available at all major offshore books.

Here are odds to win World Cup groups and predictions to win the 2018 World Cup groups:

FIFA World Cup 2018

Odds To Qualify From Group A

Uruguay -500

Russia -325

Egypt +125

Saudi Arabia +725

2018 World Cup Group A Predictions: All eyes are on Russia in this group. Only one host has ever failed to make it to the knockout stage (South Africa in 2010). And Russia's inflated odds are a reflection of that long-term trend. But Egypt has one of the best players in the tournament in Mo Salah, and Saudi Arabia won't be a total pushover. I don't feel that there is any value betting on anyone in this group to advance, even if you do like one of the underdogs.

Odds To Qualify From Group B

Spain -1200

Portugal -500

Morocco +350

Iran +500

2018 World Cup Group B Predictions: I have a feeling that Portugal is going to flame out in this World Cup, and I am not high on their potential at all. That would open the door for two pretty thick underdogs, Morocco or Iran, to weasel their way through and cash a serious ticket.

Odds To Qualify From Group C

France -2000

Denmark -160

Peru +180

Australia +350

2018 World Cup Group C Predictions: I don't love Denmark as a second favorite. But Peru and Australia are pretty bad. If you are looking for a long shot to advance then you could do worse than Australia. The Socceroos are playing in their fourth straight World Cup and advanced in 2006. It would be difficult for them to escape Group C but not impossible.

Odds To Advance World Cup

Odds To Qualify From Group D

Argentina -825

Croatia -225

Nigeria +250

Mega bars rtp. Iceland +275

2018 World Cup Group D Predictions: I will be more surprised if one of the bottom two underdogs doesn't survive this group than I will be if they do. Argentina has Messi. But they are a flawed favorite playing a long, long way from home. Iceland made the quarterfinals at Euro 2016, beating England and tying eventual champion Portugal in that tournament. And despite Nigeria's low world ranking, there always seems to be one African club that punches its way through to the knockouts.

Odds To Qualify From Group E

Brazil -2200

Switzerland +100

Serbia +115

Costa Rica +375

2018 World Cup Group E Predictions: Brazil has won their group in all six of their World Cup finals since FIFA changed the tournament format back in 1986. And the other three squads in this group know they are playing for second place. Keep an eye on Costa Rica. They are basically the same side that made it all the way to the quarterfinals in Brazil in 2014, with as many as nine of the starting 11 back.

Odds To Qualify From Group F

Germany -1500

Mexico +105

Sweden +110

South Korea +300

Odds Of Winning World Cup

2018 World Cup Group F Predictions: Mexico has made it to the Round of 16 in every World Cup in which they've qualified. Yet their odds give an indication of just how tenuous their position in this group really is. If they lose their opener to Germany then they will be behind the eight ball to survive this group, opening the way for one of the other underdogs to sneak in and steal a slot in the next round.

Odds To Qualify From Group G

Belgium -1250

England -900

Tunisia +400

Panama +900

2018 World Cup Group G Predictions: There is absolutely no value betting on either Belgium or England to quality from this group. Their odds are completely out of whack. But there isn't much value on those underdogs, either. Belgium is one of the tournament favorites. And, honestly, if England can't qualify out of this group then I don't think the players will be allowed back to the United Kingdom. Tunisia has some intriguing potential. But their odds should be closer to +700 than to +400.

Odds To Qualify From Group H

Colombia -275

Poland -170

Senegal +135

Japan +185

2018 World Cup Group H Predictions: I will really be stunned if the top two favorites advance from this group. There is a load of parity between these four teams. That also means that if you were to wager equal amounts on Senegal and Japan to advance here then you only need one of them to make it through to the Round of 16 in order to turn a profit. And if both make it through - which is not inconceivable - then it could be a significant score.

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Croatia World Cup Odds

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