New Horse Betting Sites

How to bet on horse races in NJ. Horse racing dates back to the 1830s at Freehold, but it was still illegal to bet on horse races in New Jersey until 1939 when voters backed an amendment allowing pari-mutuel betting at in-state racetracks. Six decades later, New Jersey lawmakers passed the Off-track and Account Wagering Act in 2001. This made it perfectly legal to bet on horse races in four. A rematch between a pair of ultra-talented Bob Baffert trainees headlines Saturday’s $300,000 San Felipe S. (G2) at Santa Anita. The 1 1/16-mile event will reward the top-four finishers with qualifying points on a 50-20-10-5 structure in the 2021 Road to the Kentucky Derby challenge series contest.

Who Should Make Use of the Comparison?

There are so many horse race betting sites and Horse Racing Bookmakers US in the business nowadays to give you the best idea of what’s out there! Horse betting comparison websites are worth taking the time to check and understand to improve your success rate. We have you covered

Even experienced bettors might feel overwhelmed when they try to choose a bookie. It’s hard to imagine how much of a challenge casual betters face, looking through various sites and trying to choose one.

The expert insights offered by our team cater to a wide variety of experience levels. Knowing what matters enables you to decide on the best horse betting websites. Informed decisions are vital for a successful, pleasurable betting experience.

Horse betting websites need to please many players to get well received later. Given that community input is often used in making horse racing comparisons, you’ll get to see what others think of your choice of a horse betting website.

Operator Checklist: Top 5 Steps for a Secure & Fair Gambling Experience

Gambling on the Internet, no matter how popular it has become, comes with many risks you wouldn’t face at a brick-and-mortar establishment.

Secure and legitimate horse racing bookmakers US, odds, and bonuses are much more challenging to find once you move away from traditional bookmakers and onto horse betting websites.

Still, it’s entirely possible – all you need to do is follow some steps to ensure your safety. Let’s take a look at five handy practices for you to seek from your chosen horse race betting site.

Consistent Terms of Service

Many scam horse betting sites (and other sportsbooks) will often change their terms of service to avoid honoring your bets. They may say there has been a mistake, or give similar excuses, to cancel your winnings. A good horse betting comparison website will always cover this in detail.

Of course, any horse racing website holds the right to change their terms, but it should rarely happen, and for a good reason.


As long as you choose a bookmaker regulated by proper authorities, you will be safe in most cases. Respected iGaming authorities for horse betting websites include Guidance to Licensing Authorities, United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and the Malta Gaming Association.

Reliable Withdrawal Methods

Scam betting sites commonly avoid letting you withdraw your winnings, followed by many excuses. Any horse race betting site presenting you with too lengthy KYCs and technical difficulties is a red flag. Look for sites with reliable, realistic withdrawal methods.

Realistic Bonuses

Many fraudulent horse betting websites will start bonus campaigns to lure in players. Then, when players claim the bonuses, there will be changes in the wagering requirements.

Ensure that your horse betting website of choice is consistent and realistic with both their offers and requirements set for them.

Ratings and Experiences

Finally, before signing up, be sure you have read what other players said about the horse race betting site. You’ll find a lot of info about Horse Racing Bookmakers US</a> on review pages and forums, and it speaks volumes.

Another thing to check is how the horse betting website got rated on various review sites. Constant bad ratings are a sign of a scam, especially if it’s not a new horse race betting site still lacking adequate reviews.

Editor’s Recommendation – Mr. Green

Out of the five horse racing bookmakers US that are covered in this article, Mr. Green is the one with the best reputation, odds, and payouts. They have created a name for themselves, genuinely branding their offerings. Take a look at our review of Mr. Green to find out for yourself.

You’ll find hundreds of games and sports to place a wager on with Mr. Green. If you’re curious, there’s an option of creating a free account to scope out the available options. The chances are you’ll find what you’re seeking, though.

This bookie boasts an excellent reputation backed by great feedback and ratings. There have been no reports of scams related to the name, and the gambling options are close to endless.

Not every horse race betting site is for every player, but Mr. Green offers an all-in-one package for most punters out there. They will provide you with every type of offer for horse racing, and a lot more to pass the time between races.

This is How Our Experts Test Operators

The world of horse racing isn’t static, and various reviews reflect that. Our review site regularly has it’s content about horse races updated but, for consistency, changes are made in the same areas, and a couple of days in advance, so you have time to think about the races.

Below, you’ll find a list of criteria that each review was based on. This method is a fool-proof way to compare and contrast, detecting the best horse betting websites. Let’s take a brief look at the categories:

  • Bonus offers – providing rewards for players is common with most betting sites, so look for those that offer the best from the best.
  • Betting offers – horse race betting sites need to provide a wide variety of betting offers to cater to a large, diverse user base.
  • Odds – they will mostly depend on your favorite, but it’s safe to say that some horse betting websites offer more favorable odds than others.
  • Live betting – there’s nothing like the thrill of watching a race, especially if you have money on the line. If you can’t visit the tracks, live betting is your second best option, so Horse Racing Bookmakers US, which will cater to this need, is a big plus.
  • Payment methods – the horse betting website needs to provide you with a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods to your convenience.
  • Customer service – in case you have any questions, best horse race betting sites are eagerly awaiting to answer.
  • Mobile betting – many of us are always on the go, so it’s a definite plus if a horse betting website offers mobile betting.
  • Betting limits – in this case, there are no better or worse options. Horse race betting sites for all types of betters will best accommodate people who bet twenty bucks here and there, all the way to people who bet small fortunes on races.
  • Extras – who doesn’t like bells and whistles in their horse race betting site?
  • Reputation – the horse betting website needs to be known for its exceptional service. If customers have negative things to say about a bookmaker, those comments will impact how a betting site will rank on the Horse Racing Bookmakers US website.

Finding the Right Operator for You

No matter whether you currently have an operator or not, thinking about the fields that suit you best with specific Horse Racing Bookmakers US will improve your betting experience. One important thing to remember is that the best horse race betting sites overall may not be the best for you.

Keep personal preferences in mind when trying to decide which one is right for you. Besides, online bookies offer much more than horse racing – you could satisfy your broader gambling interests along the way.

Consider also the way you place your bets. Perhaps you like doing it on the go, so you go for a horse betting website with a fantastic app. Your preferences in terms of design also count.

Our experts look at all these areas (and more) when suggesting operators. As such, they present the ideal guide in your search. Read through operator reviews carefully, and you’re sure to find the one that fits your needs.

Most Important Sections of the Site

Our site brings you reviews of Horse Racing Bookmakers US across various areas you’ll find important for betting. Let’s have a brief look at what you’ll find on our rating website.

New Horse Betting Sites

Casino Comparison

If you’re looking for a new casino to frequent or only to spice things up, the casino comparison section of our site, as well as horse racing comparison, is here for you.

You’ll find comprehensive reviews of different horse racing websites, complete with all the features that make one site stand apart from others.

Bonus Comparison

Different horse betting sites are competing with one another for your attention and business, and their bonuses should match that. You’ll discover informative comparisons of their respective bonuses so you can take advantage of them and increase your winnings.

Operator/Bonus Reviews

Besides useful tables, you’ll find a look at the bonuses in all Horse Racing Bookmakers US reviews. Each operator’s terms of rewards are reviewed, so you don’t settle for less than the best when using our site for making your choices.


If you like betting, the chances are horses aren’t your only interest. Ideally, you’ll find a horse betting website, which at the same time offers a high number of games and slots to pass the time between races. This review on Horse Racing Bookmakers US will help you do that.


When you bet online, you get to enjoy the benefits of various payment methods. Still, some operators limit you to credit and debit cards, while others happily accept eWallet services. Check all the payment methods on a horse race betting site, as well as their legitimacy.


People use a wide variety of approaches when placing wagers on horse racing. There is a broad range of strategies to use, so you could find the one which suits your style of play best to better your chances of winning when using the Horse Racing Bookmakers US site.


There are many types of wagers and a lot to consider before placing one. If you’re new to gambling, these guides are your best friend, answering all questions you may have about the practice.


In addition to sharing the best horse betting sites with you, you should feel confident when betting and reap the rewards from successfully betting on the races.

If you are new to online gambling, you’ll appreciate sites where you get the best bang for your buck, make it easy to use a strategy while placing bets and encourage you to bet responsibly. Who knows, they may be of value to even experienced punters – especially those not used to horse betting websites.

Seek Value

Horse betting websites nowadays turn their sites into pure eye candy. They entice players through shiny offers and fancy sportsbook layouts. This old strategy is more evident in the online casino industry.

What you need to do is look beyond eye candy – aesthetic impressions and big promises. Find the real value of the bookmaker, with their offers, customer support, terms of service, and the odds. The looks come after that.

Adopt a Strategy

Most of the betting public places a wager on a horse they believe will win the race. Unfortunately, this isn’t a method that will lead to many wins, unless you’re fortunate. After all, even if you bet for fun, turning a profit matters.

Playing it too safe erases the part of the fun. On the other hand, no risk, no reward. Read through various strategies and go for one that keeps it simple while maximizing your chances of winning.

Stay Responsible

Some level of risk is what makes betting fun, but don’t let it get out of hand. When the fun stops – you stop. Gambling addiction is dangerous, and it can drastically change your life. If you notice your desire to gamble getting out of hand, talk to someone.

When it comes to money, set limits and stick to them. Some Horse Racing Bookmakers US even allow you to do this manually to encourage responsible betting. Finally, never wager more than you’re ready to lose.

Checklist: Find YOUR Perfect Bookie/Casino!

Bettors are people, and people differ in so many ways. Still, there are common patterns found in gamblers that make it easier to understand and suggest operators. There are four main types – see where you fit in.


You may not make a living on gambling, but it’s your primary source of income. This causes you to not rely on your gut. Instead, by being familiar with statistics, odds, and everything else, you can make educated bets, and increase your winnings.

You’re patient and rely on calculative risks. If this resonates with you, your ideal operator will provide plenty of options and information – and will be reliable and transparent with their sources.

Social Casual

Social gamblers bet for recreational purposes – to experience an adrenaline rush, catch up with friends, and meet new people. They don’t invest too much time and money in the activity, relying on their guts and not lamenting their losses.

If this is you, look for a horse race betting site with many bonuses, live streams, and other bells and whistles to keep you entertained. We’ll cover each provider in detail as part of our mission to give gamblers the best horse racing comparison on the internet.

Social Serious

Some social gamblers don’t see betting as recreation but as their primary source of relaxation and entertainment. They don’t invest massive amounts of money in their hobby, but you’ll find them spending long hours looking at odds.

In this case, you need a mix of the first and the second in your horse race betting site – something to keep you occupied but also gives you enough information to make reliable decisions.


If you’re of the conservative type, you’ll hit the casino for the experience, not the winning. You won’t invest too much in a race and won’t play if risks are too high. ‘Gambling tourists’ also fall into this category.

In this case, go for horse betting sites that offer low wagers and many safe races. Also, you might want to sign up for more than one to spice up your experience now and again.

What Operator Do Our Experts Use?

The experts enjoy many different horse betting operators, so there is no simple answer to this question.

There are so many options for people to place bets on nowadays! Out of all horse race betting sites that were reviewed, over time, they developed a greater liking for some than others.

In general, horse betting websites focused on horse racing preferable to general betting sites that covered a wide array of events. While it’s a perk to have the option of betting on other events as well, look for bookies who offer the best odds and payouts.

Also, look for a large number of bonuses and beneficial odds. It’s the world of online betting, and people want to be wooed into joining a betting site or a bookmaker.

Our favorite horse race betting sites also contain a range of betting types and payment methods. If they also feature several tracks and massive leagues, even better.

It’s okay to be picky at times. It enables us to know how good it gets and inform the readers of what’s popular.

Online vs. Offline Gambling

Even with technology taking over most of the industries, a vast amount of users still opt to place bets offline. Should you bother to play online? Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of playing on horse betting websites.


The first, and perhaps most important advantage of gambling using horse betting websites is its convenience. You get to play from the comfort of your own home, and there’s no waiting.

The casino setting, interaction, and even bright lights can make players shy and uncomfortable. Online casinos allow for privacy.

The selection of races also tends to be much more extensive in the online environment because online bookmakers don’t face the limitation of physical space. Plus, the welcome bonuses are super attractive, as well as other extras to keep the players coming back.

Finally, many online horse betting sites allow new players to get used to betting by playing for free. You won’t find joining bonuses for brick and mortar betting houses, or at the racetrack.


New Horse Racing Betting Sites

It’s not easy to replicate the atmosphere of a live casino. The feel of the excitement, the banter with your fellow players, and the social environment can’t be manufactured on a horse betting website.

Besides, offline casinos will offer better odds, having to compete with rivals from the local area. Finally, although you do get to reach customer service online, too, there is no waiting required if you are at a physical casino.

4 Ultimate Tips for Best Bets

To become the most successful bettor possible, you need to take into account more factors than what was included in this list. Instead, the focus is on the four most crucial tips for betting on horse races online.

By following them, even experts can avoid making some common mistakes and enjoy every race they watch.

Do Your Homework

You’d be surprised to learn how few people research a horse before selecting it and placing a wager. Still, even a cursory glance at the program before you place a bet on a horse betting website can increase your chances of winning.

Form guides will give you all you need to know about the race and horses competing in it. Become proficient in reading form guides, and you’re halfway to collecting your winnings.

Vary Your Bets

The most common type of wager for horse racing is the win bet. In this case, you choose a horse which you expect to win. There are many more types of wagers out there, though. Learning how to incorporate them into your strategy will take you to the next level.

Don’t Bet on Every Race…

However, bet on multiple races – the more times you wager, the more likely you are to win. Betting on many races gives you the upper hand. Still, if you place a wager on every race, you’re going to need to commit more money to your bets.

Check the Surface

Horses run on the main track or turf. They rarely do both well. What you need to learn here is breeding, as their physical aspects make them better on one surface than on the other. Do your research.

Some horses will prefer wet tracks over dry or the other way around. This consideration applies to tracks and turf alike. Check the horse’s performance on wet roads. Then take a look at the conditions of the upcoming race, and you’ll make a more informed decision.


Sometimes it seems that there are an infinite number of horse betting websites. It’s not always easy to find reliable horse race betting sites, but Mr. Green is as good as it gets. Should you want to get a feel for what other operators are like take a look at some of our reviews for 888sport, 32red, Jetbull and Betdaq.

Hopefully, you now know the essential qualities of Horse Racing Bookmakers US for every bettor and cover many fields in this review. Rest assured that with us, you will find excellent offers, reliability, and security in your betting.

Once you know which horse betting websites are the best, you can add the fun factor. Hopefully, this served as an excellent guide for you to be able to find a fantastic betting experience on horse race betting sites.

So, you found a brand-new sportsbook on the internet! There are a whole lot of new betting sites springing up with the news that sports gambling legalization could be right around the corner.

Most of the best new sites have in-house racebooks and a variety of markets on horse racing, giving track junkies a wide range of options in signing up for new accounts.

New Horse Betting Sites For Real

But no pair of betting sites is created alike. Some are low-budget operations that tease new bettors with big sign-up bonuses and friendly odds. Others roll out the red carpet with 24/7 help available by chat or phone. Still others offer so many lines on so many races that it can feel overwhelming.

We’ve taken the time to research a few of the top-ranked new horse racing betting sites on the web.

RankDE Betting SiteSign Up BonusGet Started
#1Betway Sports100% up to €150
#222bet Sports100% up to €122
#3Spin Sports100% up to €200
#410Bet Sports100% up to €50
#5Guts Sports100% up to €50

Choosing from New Sites for Horse Race Betting

Before looking into opening an account with a new racebook, browse around the site and see what you’re getting into. What markets is the company catering to the most? Some betting sites like to offer futures far in advance of the Grand National and other time-honored sweepstakes. Others market themselves for daily or weekly horse racing bettors who love to play the ponies in real time.

It may sound cynical, but try to figure out how much capital is going into the operation. Is there an updated blog or other friendly introductory content? Or just some odds stuck up on a board and a few sentences of instructions here and there?

The best new horse racing betting sites have money and staff hours to manage a helpful and reliable racebook. Remember not to worry, as gamblers often do, that you are “paying for” any deluxe accommodations or state-of-the-art web design. Horse race betting odds are driven almost entirely by the gambling action itself. Greedy bookies can’t easily intervene and try to improve their cut.

There is no substitute for a racebook that is easy to browse on multiple sites. Recreational gamblers can’t always spend all day glued to a laptop and looking for the latest movement in the odds, as career horse race handicappers do. A smooth and efficient site saves time and headaches for the new user and allows him or her to spend valuable hours reading up on the ponies instead of fighting the interface.

Getting Started with a New Racebook

It’s never a bad idea to read the fine print when signing up at a sports betting site. But when a new horse racing betting site is first introduced to the public eye, it’s even more important to look carefully.

Security is the first and foremost concern. Read as much as you can about methods of determining the legitimacy of new horse racing betting sites, and search for the new website’s brand name on internet sports gambling forums. If a site is sketchy about disclosing personal information or paying out on time (or at all), users will quickly share a warning about the site in question.

Once you’re satisfied that your personal info will be safe with a new betting site, surf around and see if it matches the following criteria for the best racebook user experience.

Horse Racing Betting Sites Should Be Easy to Use

Sites should be versatile and well-designed enough for easy browsing and transactions from almost any device. Professional gamblers will want absolute reliability and as much 24/7 assistance on hand as possible. They’ll be spending lots of time in their office or in front of a laptop, analyzing the odds and timing the best bets on every sweepstakes.

Meanwhile, racebooks that specialize in mobile device usage are a valuable resource for the recreational gambler. Accessing your account from work or a restaurant or the DMV can not only save time but also money. Sometimes the odds change so fast that a great wager has to be made quickly.

If you are happy with the security features and browsing options at a new sports gambling site, the next step is to make sure you sign up with the most beneficial conditions.

Online casino free slot games

Avoid a Sign-Up-Bonus Trap

Just about every sports betting site offers a “sign-up bonus,” marketed as free cash with which to place bets and grab winnings. But there’s a big fat catch.

Sportsbooks give players a mandate to bet their entire initial deposit before a withdrawal can be made. That’s a reasonable request. If such a rule didn’t exist, many users would sign up, collect the bonus, and withdraw the total without bothering to bet.

But sign-up bonuses come with a rollover. A “4x” rollover indicates that 4 times the gambler’s initial deposit must be gambled before any withdrawal can be made. If that sounds prohibitive, some betting sites demand twice that number of entire-stake wagering, calling for an “8x” rollover.

So the sign-up bonus is actually there to lure you into the system and allow the book to recoup the bonus cash before it’s available. A large number of bets puts the numbers firmly in favor of the house.

Thankfully, you can avoid the nonsense with a little elbow grease.

Declining a Sign-Up Bonus and Rollover Deal

Racebooks don’t make it easy to decline the sign-up bonus. But by law, casino entrepreneurs in most localities have to give the player options. They can’t make you accept the “free money” and the rollover deal if you don’t want to.


If you’re not sure how to decline the sign-up bonus on a betting site, call the phone number on the site. Racebooks are always interested in new customers. If they’re smart, they’ll be available to help gamblers get the account sign-up they’re comfortable with.

Before creating the account, remember to read the entire agreement carefully and have a game plan ready to work around any complicated sign-up deal that you do agree to.

Varieties of Odds and Bets at Horse Racing Sites

Horse Wagering Websites

Any new horse racing betting site worth its salt will offer a wide variety of betting options. Here are just a few of the most popular markets.

A straight wager is a bet on a single horse, usually to win a race. It is the simplest wager found on the racebook’s betting board. The related “show” wager is a bet on a horse to finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, also known as “in the money.”

3 more time-honored bets are the exacta, trifecta, and superfecta. Those betting markets ask for the winner and place, the win, place, and show, or the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th finishing horses in order, respectively.

Bettors can choose to “box” exactas, trifectas, and superfectas, however. To box those bets means to create a winning scenario if the group of 2, 3, or 4 horses finish on top in any order.

The Daily Double asks gamblers to pick the winners of 2 consecutive sweepstakes with the lure of a nice payoff on the winner. The market is more common at betting sites dedicated solely to daily races.

To learn more betting jargon and catch up on the general terms of horse racing, visit’s complete horse racing glossary using the link below.

Where to Find News and Betting Tips on Horse Racing

A great deal is said and written about horse racing on the web. Bettors who prefer the short and to-the-point reporting of MSN or the LA Times must only search for a few moments to find the best mainstream predictions. Other consumers prefer the in-depth analysis of horse race handicapping blogs. Like this one.


New Horse Betting Sites Uk

But it’s as important to recognize red flags from bloggers as it is to recognize a dodgy betting site.

Be skeptical of any predictions made at the racebook’s own blog pages. Sportsbook bloggers genuinely love sports and do a good job of being informative. But they aren’t there to handicap races with 60% or even 55% success. If they ever did, the casino might be put out of business!

It is also a bad idea to ever pay for picks. The picks usually aren’t worth selling, and “Famous Handicapper Jack Brown” is often actually a 25-year-old kid making the picks out of magazines.

Horse Race Betting Tips and Tactics

Are you a new gambler signing up to a brand-new horse racing betting site? That sounds like an accident waiting to happen…unless you do the smart thing and consider some ways to get your horse racing betting hobby started out on the proper path.

Have a Game Plan

It is very important to write down a list of goals and rewards you would like to get out of the horse racing betting experience. Not only will this process help to avoid losing cash on bad bets, but it will also impact how you read the odds and what stands out on the racebook’s board.

Early wagers on “sleeper” picks for the Triple Crown are a low-risk proposition to consider when starting out. Kentucky Derby hopefuls show up on betting boards as early as Christmas. Most are offered at 50-to-1 odds or longer. It may only take a few bucks placed down on a bet on an eventual Derby qualifier who can turn couch-cushion money into gold with a single great race.

But over time, it helps to pick out a less-legendary race or two and pick a few favorites or co-favorites to win. The odds are a lot better that such a wager will end in a winner, and nothing replicates the thrill of playing the ponies in the minutes leading up to post time.

Don’t Go for Miracle Combinations

Horse racing bettors have always told stories about hitting long-odds trifectas so sweet that they pay for whole semesters of college. The media loves to report freakish tales about how some lady in Australia won a superfecta and got a $400,000 reward. But there’s a reason those feel like tabloid headlines. They’re rare occurrences…and often aren’t even real.

Racebooks come out way ahead on trifecta and superfecta bets. Statistics show that the chances of two or three events working out as predicted are quite long compared to a single placement working out correctly.

The most cost-efficient bets over time are those placed on a single horse to win, place, or show, or on “boxed” trifecta bets in which three favorites can come in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in any order and still produce a winning slip.

For more tips on horse race betting strategy, visit our page below.

Look for Special Deals at Brand-New Racebooks

New betting sites must work for new business. Smart bookies will offer specials, perks, and rare odds when trying to build a new racebook from the ground up.

Stay in good contact with the odds-manager at an upstart betting site and build a relationship. You might be in line for a special non-rollover bonus deal on your next deposit.

If new sites don’t use every tactic there is to try to build a base of accounts quickly, they’re racing in the wrong direction.

Check Out Some Horse Race Betting Apps

A majority of the best new horse racing betting sites offer downloadable apps to make the experience even more convenient for those playing the ponies. Check out the following link and learn more about horse racing apps available for free download in the USA and beyond.

New Horse Betting Sites

More About Horse Racing

Want to learn more about surfaces, breeds, sweepstakes, and gambling rules for racehorses on many continents? Visit these LegitGamblingSites links for more info.