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Google Play mobile app store customers in the UK can now download real money poker apps from PokerStars, partpoker and 888poker. The app store relaxed its rules for the real money gambling to be in pace with the Apple’s App Store rules, back in July.

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Poker Face Live App

Real money gambling operators in the UK, Ireland and France can get their apps approved in a restricted test run. The successful gambling applicants would be required to have relevant gambling license and show their compliance with the applicable laws and industry standards in the country.


Live Money Poker App

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  • World Series of Poker (WSOP) This highly renowned poker series also has one of the best free apps.

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The apps first came out in the Google app store in August. In its very first set of release, some sports betting and casino apps went live in the UK, though the poker apps were still missing. France, however, approved Winamax’s real money poker app.

A recent news came out from PokerStars who informed their customers in the UK about their new poker and casino app that are now both live in the store.

Live Money Poker App Free

A recent report revealed that the PokerStars in the UK is successfully listed in Full Tilt's mobile app in the store, along with apps of 888poker and partypoker. While in the France the app is now listed along Winamax’s.