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The prize tables in keno can look a bit complicated. Here’s our quick tips on what to look out for in keno pay schedules.

Each casino has its own system of payouts, which you will find set out in the Keno brochures or payout schedules around the casino or, if you’re playing Video keno you’ll find a payout table on each machine. An example is shown below.

The term ‘spot’ refers to how many numbers you have marked on your ticket. The term ‘catch’ refers to how many of your chosen numbers match what the house draws.

The table shows what you will win for a 1 coin stake. You need to multiply these amounts by the amount you are wagering. So in the example below, if you make a $2 bet, pick 4 spots and catch 3 of them you will win $12 (that is, $2 x 6).

This schedule does not pay out if you don’t match any numbers. But in some cases if you mark a lot of numbers the casino pays off if you catch 0.

Note that in Keno you do not get your stake back if you win.

Another Example of a Keno Paytable

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This is the payout schedule for online casinos running on Microgaming software. If you like the look of it, here’s where to find Microgaming casinos.

In a live casino keno game, where lots of players are gambling on the same draw, the most the house can pay out for any one draw is generally $50,000. If there are too many winners they will each get a proportionate share of this sum.

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Find out all the great Keno prizes available to be won and the odds of winning them.

Prizes and odds of winning: Keno main draw

Keno Payout Chart

Match your Keno numbers to the numbers drawn to see if you win. Your prize will depend on how many numbers you picked and how many numbers you matched.

Numbers PickedNumbers MatchedPrize Amount
(for each $1 play)
11$21 in 4
22$101 in 17
33$251 in 73
2$21 in 8
44$501 in 327
3$51 in 24
2$11 in 5
55$5001 in 1,551
4$151 in 83
3$21 in 12
66$1,5001 in 7,753
5$501 in 324
4$51 in 36
3$11 in 8
77$5,0001 in 40,980
6$1501 in 1,366
5$151 in 116
4$21 in 20
3$11 in 6
88$15,0001 in 230,115
7$4001 in 6,233
6$501 in 423
5$101 in 55
4$21 in 13
99$25,0001 in 1,380,688
8$2,5001 in 30,682
7$2001 in 1,691
6$251 in 175
5$41 in 31
4$11 in 9
1010$200,0001 in 8,911,712
9$10,0001 in 163,382
8$5001 in 7,385
7$501 in 621
6$101 in 88
5$31 in 20
0$31 in 22

* Approximate Odds

More Information

Keno Odds And Payouts

The maximum prize that can be won on any one Keno ticket, not including Keno Bonus, is $200,000, regardless of the amount wagered. The maximum combined liability for a given draw is $2 million. If you've won a prize of $2,000 or more, the earliest you can claim your prize is the day after the draw.

Prizes and odds of winning: Keno Bonus Draw

Odds1 in 2.01 in 2.21 in 24.71 in 49.41 in 346

* Approximate Odds

More Information

The maximum prize that can be won on a Keno ticket with Keno Bonus for any given draw is 10 times the value of the Keno prize. If you've won a prize of $2,000 or more, the earliest you can claim your prize is the day after the draw.

Prizes and odds of winning: Keno Pattern Play

Match your 40 Keno Pattern Play numbers to the numbers drawn to see if you win.

Numbers MatchedPrize AmountOdds* / $2 Play
20 or 0$50,0001 in 12,823,377
19 or 1$25,0001 in 336,614
18 or 2$2,0001 in 19,988
17 or 3$4001 in 2,016
16 or 4$501 in 308
15 or 5$151 in 67
14 or 6$51 in 20
13 or 7$31 in 8

* Approximate Odds

Know how the game works and what the odds are before playing.

Keno Rules And Payout

The more you know about the games, the better equipped you are to make informed decisions when you play.

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