Keno Chances

  • (2) Keno odds really aren’t great. Understand that different keno game variants have different house edges, and pick the one which gives you the biggest advantage. The house edge is the mathematical percentage the casino has as an advantage. The keno house edge can be between 20% and 35% – that’s a massive difference.
  • If you don’t know the probability of winning per game is 1 in 13,983,816 then you need to review the combinatorial function before going further. In keno the casino, or game machine, will draw 20 numbers out of 80, without replacement. Before this happens the player may pick 1 to 15 (or more) numbers.
  • Choose yes or no to add the Multiplier Option for a chance to win from 1 to 10 times the prize. Your ticket cost will increase $1 for every $1 Keno wagered. Choose yes or no to add the Bulls-Eye Option for a chance to play for bigger prizes. Your ticket cost will increase $1 for every $1 Keno wagered. Choose your own numbers or select Quick Pick.
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Keno is the best luck game to play as you can sit and figure out the number of picks and call the shot. Although it is not a major game in the casino, it does give a great chance to win. If you enjoy playing the lottery, then you will enjoy playing keno. Not only keno offers better odds and jackpots, but the game also lets you calculate your odds with an online calculator that will ease your effort.

Massachusetts Lottery's official game catalog.

Plus, keno is a fun game. You don’t have to be stressed when you can control your money and your pick. What more can you ask of a betting game?

Formula to Play Keno

If you are in Canada and playing Ontario daily keno by OLG, then you must be familiar with the frequent winning numbers or the past winning numbers that the site always displays. They don’t just get there by chance but they do have a probability.

Keno is a game of chance or luck where you can change the odds if you are a pro player. If you are average, nothing that you will not give guarantees of winning at keno. What you can do is to play in a way that will maintain low losses and gains at a high level.

You can try the following formula when you play on keno (it will increase your chances to obtain better wins): Choose N numbers (e.g. N = 6). Combine many k (e.g. n = 3). Your C (N, k) = N numbers taken of many combinations of k (e.g. C (6.3) = 6.

Ken chancellor nfl

Keno Odds Chart

A keno odds chart will reveal info about all potential outcomes, related to the number of positions (numbers) you’ve played. Here it is a sequential scheme of odds on winning numbers: 1 number = 3.30, 2 numbers = 12, 3 numbers = 42, 4 numbers = 155, 5 numbers = 710; 6 numbers = 3050; 7 numbers = 11100 or 8 numbers = 46000.

Keno actual odds are near 85%-90%, as this game is a random game of luck. Using the formula written above, you will be able to increase your odds. Keep in mind that you will have so many chances to hit “20 out of 20 numbers”, so make your strategy basing on winning money and have fun when playing keno, not winning the big number.

Use Online Keno Calculators

For newbie’s, it is important to calculate your keno odds online to see which works and which doesn’t. For more detailed information for various odds possibilities, you should check online keno calculators. There are various free and paid calculators for keno that you can find online.

What does the calculator do?

Everyone needs to know the chance of winning a game especially when the game requires you to pay some money to play. But because of its simple rules of numbers to play; numbers to bet; and how much to bet– keno is one of the favorite lottery tools to win some easy money.

Upon playing keno, it is possible to bet a dollar and walk out with hundreds more. And because the result is ubiquitous, the numbers are random and one of 80 numbers might be picked at any time.

The smart device, just like a conventional calculator does, will spit out the percentage of payback and what odds to expect on your daily keno bet. The calculator can determine the likely payout you will get in return for your pick.

How to calculate your odds on Keno

To calculate the odds of keno, a player must know a bit of math and understand the probabilities, rules of the game, and a chance to win. The odds are the chances of correctly picking the right numbers, which are not the same as the payoffs as in online casinos. You will find the payoffs will be less than the actual chance of winning. That’s the edge the house always holds over the player. If you are playing a “live” game or a game machine, it works the same.

So among the 80 numbers, 20 is selected. You will choose between 1 and 15 numbers before the calculation is over. Depending on how many numbers you choose and how many you correctly pick out of the ones selected will determine if you get paid and how much.

Formula to calculate the odds of correctly picking numbers

If you mark N spots, the probability of hitting exactly K of them is given by the formula: p(N,K) = ——- C(80,20). If you pick one number out of 80. There will be 20 numbers drawn. So, 20 out of 80 is 25 percent. You have a 25 percent chance that your number will be picked.

When you start figuring combinations of numbers to select, the number of combinations from 80 numbers is so large most calculators cannot figure them. Some calculators and spreadsheets have a function for calculating these types of numbers. Both Lotus 1-2-3 and Excel name this function COMBIN(n,r). The “n” stands for the total numbers possible and the “r” is the number that you select from the total numbers. The function figures out the total number of combinations possible.

When figuring two numbers, the player must draw 2 out of the 20 drawn numbers to win. You figure out the total combinations—combin(80,2) = 3160—and then figure out how many winning combinations there are—combin(20,2) = 190. You then divide the numbers, 190/3160. The probability of winning is 6.01 percent. As you go up with the number of combinations, you increase the numbers to find out your odds.

The formula of keno odds

As mentioned above, keno has a complex mathematical formula that only the experts would understand. If you wish to figure it out on your own, the best thing to do is to be meticulous, diligent, and careful with the numbers you calculate.

You can always calculate manually with several formulas that might be very complex to use and takes time. The proper Math formula for the game is called hypergeometric distribution, which you can calculate manually. It will only give you a hard time. That’s why many online keno calculators help you with the counting and some are valid.

Thus, if you are a newbie and want to get a quick clue on your odds of winning keno, you should use keno calculators. With the device, you can easily figure out the odds of winning and it is easy to find online.

These few online calculators can help shortcut figuring out the odds. An odd keno calculator is a gambling tool used for identifying a person’s odds of winning keno. The use of the calculator is just like a conventional calculator. Input how many picks you play; enter the data on the paytable, and calculate them. This online calculator will determine the return of any given keno paytable. There are various keno odds calculators you can find online.

Where should you apply the online keno calculator?

You can apply at almost any keno game online. The calculator, whichever it is, can calculate the odds of winning for you in a very quick time as soon as you press the ‘calculate’ button. Hundreds of people play daily keno every day. It is proof that the game is popular a round the world. You might want to practice your keno instinct in one of the best daily keno online and practice the use of keno calculator to find the odds percentage.

One of the best daily keno

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation in Canada is one of the operational agencies in the lottery is a Canadian based company. Ontario daily keno by OLG lets you enjoy playing online with some dollars to bet. The winning amount is greater than blackjack. You can simply match the numbers and walk out with hundreds or more.

Ontario daily keno by OLG lets you control what you want to play, thus you don’t need to be afraid that you will lose your grip and throw all the money left in your pocket. Each category will have 1 winner. Thus, if you decide to give 2 picks, you will compete with those with the same amount of pick. The best thing about daily keno by OLG is the unclaimed prizes are used for the benefit of the people in Ontario.

Keno games have the biggest house edge

Experts believe that the keno games have one of the biggest house edges compared to all the other games that are available online. To catch one number, the real odds are 25 percent or 4 to 1. For the odds to be perfect, the house should pay $4 for every $1 bet. But in reality, the house pays $3 for $1 bet. That 25 percent difference is the “edge” the house possesses. Once you figure out the odds of actually winning keno and the payoffs the casino gives, you will realize that the house does not pay what the actual odds are.

Playing Keno at online casinos

In land casinos, keno odds are varying all the time: either go low or rise. That’s why players choose to play keno online, where odds are bigger, up to 95-98%. It is very important to know the rules of the game. Some casinos will allow you to collect the money earned for five minutes after you’ve won. If you’re in the casino, you should take the money as soon as you win the game of keno. Even if only a few dollars, it is important to collect before time runs out. Otherwise, the casino may not honor your winnings. Losing a few dollars will not seem a big deal if you win a lot, but most are small gains keno winnings.

Playing keno online is going to come down to the odds that you have to win. Better not to place bets on more than 8 numbers, as the odds of winning when you are betting on more than 8 numbers are going to drop.


This casino has presence at 189 countries with 1.5 million players that enjoy the best of casino games here. Powered by Playtech, this allows players to enjoy some games that have massive jackpots.

Bonuses and Promotions

You get 100% extra up to $400, plus 200 free spins on the epic Age of the Gods slot games! offers a variety of promotions also all year. You get a chance to win the $4,321 cash prize that is offered. It also runs a five-level VIP program for its loyal players. You will always find something that is being offered.

Games and Software

You can play over 600 casino games by Playtech. You will find plenty of slots games, table games, card games, keno, video poker, slots, live dealer games, progressive jackpot games, and scratch cards.

It also offers some of the classic slots, video slots, progressive slots, multi-spin slots, and the immensely popular Marvel slots games. Some of the popular games you can play here are Gladiator, Beach Life, or Pink Panther. The most popular table games are Blackjack variations and Roulette variations. Craps, Pai Gow Poker, and other slightly less popular table games are also available.

Keno Games to play at

It offers only one single game of Standard Keno. This game you can find at their arcade game section. You can play the games with your cell phone be it Android or iPhone or instant flash version straight away from the online casino or with the downloaded software that is your choice.

2. Jackpot City Canada

Jackpot City has been a popular online casino experience since 1998. It is one of the oldest online casinos offering a great combination of games, signup bonuses, loyalty promotions, and customer support. Backed by Microgaming software, Jackpot City allows players to enjoy the most popular games that are available today. Jackpot City is fully licensed to operate as an online casino by the government of Malta.

Bonuses and Promotions

This casino offers some decent signup bonuses. As a new player, you get your C$1600 free. You get 100% back on your first 4 deposits. It also offers other prize packed bonuses, monthly bonuses, loyalty, and VIP rewards.

Games and Software

You can play as many as 600 casino games at Jackpot City. It has 450 slot games with a wide variety of themes. You can enjoy legendary games like Thunderstuck and Thunderstruck II are to be enjoyed with big progressive jackpot slots like Break da Bank Again Mega Moolah, Major Millions, and Tunzamunni online progressive.

You can play many table games too where you will find a huge range of Blackjack games with so many variations. Their average payout is 98.86%. That means that people are winning at Jackpot City. You can also play Craps, Baccarat, and live dealer table games. Also, play video pokers like Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, Deuces Wild besides other specialty games like Keno, Bingo and Scratch card games.

You can play keno, video poker, scratch cards, or any of the other games for free as well as with real funds. You will find two keno games. One is a classic lottery-type game and the other is Monkey Keno which you will love to play.

3. Spin Casino

This casino provides wonderful Keno games to play online for you. Keno is one of the most popular and favorite for Canucks to play in almost all of the Canadian states. You can play Daily Keno Ontario or Keno Atlantic, almost all the lottery retailers offer the keno games in Canadian cities and provinces.

Games to play at Spin Casino

The games are powered by Microgaming and offer over 600 slots and casino games to play instantly. You can play live casino games against live dealers be it your favorite Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, or any other simple table game or Dream Catcher all displayed by Evolution gaming.

There are many other sports that you can enjoy. It includes Soccer, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Tennis, baseball, eSports, Volleyball, Virtual sports, Handball, Golf, Super spin, Rugby Union, Cricket, Table Tennis, or any of your choice of game.

Spin Casino Keno Games

You can play keno games also at Spin Casino. Right now you can play two awesome keno games powered by Microgaming. One is Keno Standard game and the other is Monkey Keno video game to play. Now deposit at the casino with so many deposit options available to Canadians to play real money slots and Keno games. You will get instantly welcome bonuses and other offers when you select the choice of your game to play online.

Keno Odds And Payouts

Bonuses and Promotions

As a new player, you will get a welcome bonus of CA$1000 all free. Here is the break up of the bonus:

  • You get 100% Match Bonus of up to CA$400 on your first deposit
  • On your second and third deposit, you get 100% Match Bonuses up to CA$300
  • You can enjoy sports with a $200 free bet. There is also a bonus wheel which you spin daily to get match bonus offers all free.

Playing online keno has better odds

Taking into consideration the odds from above, you should play better keno in the online casinos, where odds are near 98%. If you do not want to lose money playing keno, then you should be careful how much money you stake at the casino. When you have finished playing with that money, you should stop playing. If you want to play less, CA$25- CA$50 is a good amount. To play more then, CA$100- CA$200 is enough to play. If you want to win money, then do not play with winning money. Many people play with what they earned. If you keep playing with your winnings, then you will most likely end up going broke when you’ve finished all the money. Always thus stick to what is called your bankroll or budget.

Use the right Strategy

Keeping in mind the rules of games, use a correct strategy, and never forget that you have to look for fun when playing keno. Aim to hit as many possible numbers on your tickets, aim for the jackpot, and dream of 20 out of 20 numbers. Meanwhile, keep focused on the 98% odds offered by online casinos for a keno game.

Thus in many of the cases when you play the game you should play for fun and not for expecting wins in every keno gameplay. This game of chance will strike you win big if you are lucky for it.

Keto Changes

Calculate Your Odds, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

Some experts like to say that there is no keno strategy, this is not true. There is always a way to get an edge in any game no matter how small. It may not generally be considered the sexiest game in the world of gambling, but keno has millions of devoted enthusiasts. And why not? It’s a consistently thrilling lottery-style game that’s easy to learn, readily available in a number of different formats, and one that can yield mega-dollars for those who master its many subtle intricacies. But let’s deal with the basics here.

When describing keno to beginners, some gambling experts compare it to bingo. This is at least partially apt, in that both are essentially numerical. Yet to take that comparison too far would be to underestimate the many unique traits that make keno so compelling. Unlike bingo, keno players have the freedom to choose the numbers for each card.

How to Play keno

  1. You decide how much you wish to bet on a particular round, and how many numbers you wish to choose. You can choose between 1 and 20 numbers, the payouts vary depending on how many numbers you pick and how many of them get drawn.
  2. You now get to pick your numbers as you would if you were playing a Lottery. As with most Lotteries, many sites will give you an option to get the numbers picked for you at random. The numbers in Keno go from 1 to 80.
  3. The game now starts and 20 of the 80 numbers are chosen at random.
  4. If one of your numbers is picked, this is known as a ‘Catch’. You get paid depending on the number of Catches you get during the game.

In the example free play game above, you start with $1,000 free credits. You can change the value of each game, this can be from $0.01 to $10.00. Click on Quick Pick and 10 numbers will be randomly chosen. You can change these if you wish, remove some or add more. Note that each time you add or remove a number, the paytable changes, both in terms of the minimum number of ‘catches’ you need to receive a payout and the level of each payout.

Once you are happy, click either Play 1 to play 1 game with those numbers, Play 5 to play 5 consecutive games with those numbers, or Play 10 to play 10 games with them. Remember that each game will cost you the same amount, so if you choose $1 per game and then Play 5, you will pay $5 – 5 games X $1 per game.

You will then see 20 numbers of the 80 get drawn at random, these will be marked off on the main game area with a red cross, and that you have will be marked off with a yellow square and will show on the right-hand side.
After each game, all winnings will get paid automatically into your balance and once all games have been played, you can start again.

Keno Payouts

The payouts for Keno differ from casino to casino, so ensure you look around to get the best payout if Keno is your game of choice.

A standard payout structure is shown below (all amounts are payouts to 1):

CatchPick 1Pick 2Pick 3Pick 4Pick 5Pick 6Pick 7Pick 8Pick 9Pick 10

Keno Odds

When playing a 20 spot game, so you choose 20 of the 80 numbers available, the odds are as follows:

The odds of picking 0 correct numbers is around 1 in 843

The odds of picking 1 correct number out of 20 is around 1 in 86

The odds of picking 2 correct numbers out of 20 is around 1 in 20

The odds of picking 3 correct numbers out of 20 is around 1 in 8

The odds of picking 4 correct numbers out of 20 is around 1 in 4.8

The odds of picking 5 correct numbers out of 20 is around 1 in 4.2

The odds of picking 6 correct numbers out of 20 is around 1 in 5.2

The odds of picking 7 correct numbers out of 20 is around 1 in 8.8

The odds of picking 8 correct numbers out of 20 is around 1 in 20

The odds of picking 9 correct numbers out of 20 is around 1 in 61

The odds of picking 10 correct numbers out of 20 is around 1 in 253

The odds of picking 11 correct numbers out of 20 is around 1 in 1,423

The odds of picking 12 correct numbers out of 20 is around 1 in 10,968

The odds of picking 13 correct numbers out of 20 is around 1 in 118,084

The odds of picking 14 correct numbers out of 20 is around 1 in 1,821,881

The odds of picking 15 correct numbers out of 20 is around 1 in 41,751,453

The odds of picking 16 correct numbers out of 20 is around 1 in 1,496,372,110

The odds of picking 17 correct numbers out of 20 is around 1 in 90,624,035,964

The odds of picking 18 correct numbers out of 20 is around 1 in 10,512,388,171,906

The odds of picking 19 correct numbers out of 20 is around 1 in 2,946,096,785,176,811

The odds of picking 20 correct numbers out of 20 is around 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,173,800

The odds of getting all 20 numbers are a virtually impossible one in over 3.5 quintillions! As you can win by selecting significantly fewer numbers though, there are good returns to be had if your luck is in. As a result, when playing Keno, it is important to research the paytable to ensure you are getting the best possible returns for guessing between 2 and 8 numbers correctly as these are the payouts that you are most likely to win.

Keno Strategy

There is no magical Keno strategy that will guarantee you a win but there are many tips you will learn here to give you the best possible odds.

Although you can win higher amounts if you pick more numbers, the odds of winning reduce as you need more Catches in order to win.

As the numbers are chosen using a Random Number Generator, each of the 80 numbers has just as much chance as the others of being drawn, there will always be some Players who have numbers that they consider to be lucky though.

Generally speaking, the odds in Keno are about the same as those in Slots. There are better games with a higher chance of winning than Keno.

Keno cards have a total of 80 numbers, but the player is granted an additional level of personal responsibility by being able to choose as many (or as few) numbers as he or she desires. And it doesn’t take a nuclear physicist to figure out how to fill out a card: all you do is a circle or otherwise mark each of your chosen numbers with a good old #2 pencil as you used back in school (assuming you were born before the computer age). If this is the case, fear not. Keno does not discriminate against anyone’s age.

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Keno Payout Chart

Once you’ve selected your numbers, carry the card back to the clerk at the keno booth. The clerk will record those numbers and then hand you a receipt. Don’t lose this (potentially) valuable piece of paper! Even if the clerk remembers your face and would like to help out, without a winning receipt in hand you will collect precisely $.00 for your efforts.

OK, so there you have tip #1: always be sure to keep your keno receipt. Let’s move on to something a bit more complex, shall we?

Once you’ve picked your numbers, settle into a comfy keno booth and watch the action unfold on big a video monitor. That’s where the winning numbers show up in lights. If you’ve got winners, mark your card accordingly. Be sure not to dally, or sit there congratulating yourself for an obnoxious length of time. You need to get back to the keno booth to redeem your winnings, as a new drawing will probably start within five minutes.

Tip #2: always get back to the booth on time!

Keno Chances De Gagner

Assuming you don’t trust yourself to beat that five-minute margin every time, you always retain the option of purchasing a “multi-race” ticket. These include the same set of your chosen numbers anywhere from 2 to 20 tickets. When the maximum number of games (matching the number of tickets) is finished, you can then get off your butt and go redeem your winnings.

Kino Changes

Yet an additional option is known as a “stray and play” ticket, which usually lets you make number choices for 30 games or more. Heck, you can take an ocean cruise and not have to worry about getting back to port in time to redeem your numbers. Most “stray and play” tickets are good for up to a whole year after purchase!

So now you know a few essential strategies for winning keno. If you are an experienced player, they may seem stupidly obvious. But it never hurts to brush up on the fundamentals, and if you are a new player, every bit of information will help make your keno experience more enjoyable.

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