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Practice Ignition Demo 2020 Get an exclusive demo from our friends at Practice Ignition. They’ll give you an in-depth deep dive into how Practice Ignition works to streamline onboarding, automate engagements and eliminate accounts receivable in your accounting firm. During this session, you will discover. IgnitionDeck is the world's most popular WordPress crowdfunding plugin. Includes free WordPress Crowdfunding Theme. Integrates with Paypal, Stripe, Mailchimp. Superior Efficiency. Liberty Dynamic's Device & Training units are reloadable, thereby reducing overall operating costs. Safe and inexpensive reloadable training cartridges enable personnel to be more adequately trained while still maximizing cost-effectiveness. Restoring the Demo Mode Experience. If a vehicle is in a faulty Demo Mode state, it can be restored to the full Demo Mode experience by following these steps: Turn off the vehicle ignition. Open and close the driver’s door. Wait 3-5 minutes for vehicle systems to go to sleep. On the next ignition cycle, the Demo Mode screen will reappear. Multifondo is a fully responsive and mobile-read fundraising theme for WordPress that makes it easy for charities, non-profits, fundraising, and crowdfunding organizations to raise money for personal, charitable, or crowdfunding related projects. This theme is also easily adaptable for the purposes of equity crowdfunding, real estate crowdfunding, and crowd lending purposes.

Explore the house, kill the spiders!

The game consists of a series of levels. Each location is a house that has different furnishings and a random number of rooms. Your task is to get rid of every last spider in the area. To do that, you must carefully explore the place and turn it upside down, literally, searching for cozy shelters and dark nooks where your eight-legged enemies can lie in hiding. They can be just about anywhere, so keep your eyes peeled. Some of them will be noticed at once, but that doesn’t mean they will be an easy prey. If they sense danger, they will flee and you can imagine how hard it is to catch a nimble little spider when it’s on the run.

To make the task easier for you, developers have added a spider tracker. This is a device with a screen that start emitting a special signal if you point it towards an arachnoid. Just walk around the room with the gadget in your hands and scan all the suspicious places. Note that spiders will constantly be on the move, so you’ll need to pull the detector out a lot.

Books, guns and roaring fire!

The most exciting thing about Kill It With Fire is the amount of weapons you can use to achieve your goal. At first, there will be only a clipboard available. Using it to smash spiders is certainly enjoyable, but just wait until you gain access to more options! However, it won’t happen on its own. Check the journal – there is a list of missions you have to accomplish for special rewards. Aside from the main objective of destroying all the spiders on the location, you can also indulge in little extra activities – for instance, killing an insect with a book (it will also count as complete if you hurl an entire book shelf at it) or setting a certain number of spiders on fire.

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Once you get through the first few assignments, there will be new weapons added to your arsenal. Check out the amazing ninja stars that are deadlier to your furniture than the hairy monsters, test your shooting skills aiming at nasty creatures from a revolver and set everything ablaze, including your house, with a cool flammable aerosol! That will inevitably ruin your apartment, but that’s the whole fun of the game. Causing as much chaos as possible constitutes a vital part of the gameplay, so don’t be shy, humor yourself and turn the home to ruins! There are many more surprises and perks awaiting you in Kill It With Fire. Start discovering them right now playing the game online!

A Powerful WordPress Crowdfunding Platform


Crowdfund, Pre-Sell or Raise Money For Your Video Game

  • 'I could make a tremendously great case for IgnitionDeck and Virtuous Giant for creating a simple, reliable, honest and successful product for aspiring entrepreneurs like Bigtree Bonsai. Thanks again for all your hard-work!'
    Brandon Hagstrom@BigtreeBonsai
  • 'Just tested it successfully. Like everything with IgnitionDeck, it is working beautifully.'
    John Grefe@JohnGrefe
  • 'I just want to say thanks again for having such an awesome product. It was not only great to begin with when I first bought it, but the fact that you're so on top of immediate responses to questions in addition to rolling out updates is amazing. Well done and thank you for having a great product backed by great service.'
    Tess Hottenroth@ClickStartMe
  • 'I have to say, you went above and beyond. REALLY appreciate someone who stands behind their product. Will be actively searching for places to add my VERY positive feedback about this outstanding product, and the customer service involved.'
    Randy Goss
  • 'Nathan Hangen and team have created a superb crowd funding platform. All the bells and whistles that you would expect are included and add-ons are available, if needed. We were able to get our platform, designed, installed, and running within hours of downloading the software. Thanks guys'
    Booker T. Washington, Jr.BBI NOVA
  • 'Can't compliment you enough on your continued development and support. Keep up the fantastic progress.'
    Philip Rose@Tribyoot

WordPress Crowdfunding Framework

Take IgnitionDeck further with our free crowdfunding theme

IgnitionDeck works with any of the thousands of themes available for WordPress, but also includes a free copy of our WordPress crowdfunding framework, Theme 500.
All themes are fully responsive, fully customizable, and offer a complete all-in-one solution.
Explore Theme 500

Need an Enterprise Solution?

IgnitionDeck Enterprise: The White Label Crowdfunding Platform

IgnitionDeck Enterprise is the only professional grade crowdfunding platform for WordPress,and is backed by the best support team in the business.
Creator Accounts, Front-End Submission and Payment Commissions are possible with IgnitionDeck Enterprise.

Our Gorgeous IgnitionDeck Skins
Blend Into Any Website

Like standard WordPress child themes, IgnitionDeck skins allow you to modify the IgnitionDeck framework in order to better match your overall web presence. Better yet, you can choose between a skin for a light or dark colored background - both of which also take a cue from the color of your site itself.
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Designed for Makers, Artists, and Entrepreneurs

  • Use Any Theme
    The magic is in the plugin, not the theme. Why lock yourself to the same design for life?
  • Pledge What You Want
    Enable custom donation amounts instead of the traditional level format.
  • Fixed & Flexible Funding
    Take money immediately, or after your goal is reached. The choice is yours.
  • Real-Time Stats
    Gorgeous front and backend displays to track payments and supporters.
  • Paypal Funding
    Your choice of Paypal Standard or Adaptive Payments in 24 currencies.
  • Contribution Levels
    Create and manage as many reward levels as you need. Add more at any time.
  • Stretch Goals
    Easily create, manage, and update stretch goals within your project content.
  • Flexible Campaign Dates
    Raise as long as you want. Keep it open or closed when the date is reached.
  • Mailchimp Integration
    Automatically adds backers to your Mailchimp account for newsletters and updates.
  • Translation Ready
    Easily translate front-end and admin displays into the language of your choosing.
  • Exceptional Support
    Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve the most from your campaign.
  • A Trusted Brand
    With more than 8 million raised, IgnitionDeck is a brand that your backers can trust.

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Integrates with your favorite gateways and services.

IgnitionDeck works with your favorite services, and is on the road to working with many more. Contact us if you'd like a custom integration developed.
PayPal, Stripe, Lemon Way, Coinbase, Authorize.net, First Data, Mailchimp, MixPanel Analytics, Shareasale, Mandrill, Sendgrid and many more.

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