How To Play Poker And Win

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There are now three different ways to win a seat to a World Poker Tour main event to get you on your way to becoming the next WPT Champion, and there’s a way out there for everyone. Whether you like to play in live poker tournaments, play online poker or play.

  • Pick a game type and stick to it. Specialization is key to mastering any subject.
  • Online poker is a thrilling mind sport that requires thrill-seeking, fun-loving poker players like you to focus on the skills developed over time to play with and win real money! Playing poker for real money is thrilling and super rewarding than playing 3 card poker.

Play Poker Online in India

PokerDangal is on an endeavor to redefine skill sport Poker in India. It is the fastest-growing and one of the most loved platforms to play poker online in India. With more than 2 lakh subscribers acquired, PokerDangal holds the industry's safest security systems, with 100% approved legalities.

We at PokerDangal, fully compliant with all government rules and regulations, offer a special sign-up deal to every new player which may include a tournament ticket or promo cash to use on the platform and exercise their skills to play poker online in India.

Our competitive promotions also include exciting cash games and online poker tournaments in India to win real money daily.

Real Money Poker, Anytime, Anywhere

Online Poker in India has become the most popular real money game amongst people of all ages. For those who have been familiar with card games, adapting to Indian poker game was not a big deal. The format of the game hit a nerve with the people who love to play poker online in India and has been a regular part of the lives of millions of gamers across the nation.

At Poker Dangal, we have got loads of real money games that are available for every player at every skill level. To play poker online in India with just minimum buy-ins, you can build your bankroll at PokerDangal at your own pace. Online poker is a thrilling mind sport that requires thrill-seeking, fun-loving poker players like you to focus on the skills developed over time to play with and win real money! Playing poker for real money is thrilling and super rewarding than playing 3 card poker or Teen Patti.

PokerDangal provides a platform across the website, windows desktop, android, and iOS apps enabling you to play poker online in India for real money and that too seamlessly, across all our platforms, anytime and anywhere.

We strive to provide you with a lively and safe playing environment as you have always longed for so that you can play poker online for real money without any hassles.

Poker Dangal has integrated the safest methods for withdrawals and deposits that will allow you to deposit and cash out in just seconds. We are proud to state that we offer the fastest cashouts in the industry. At PokerDangal you can easily withdraw your poker balance to your bank accounts within seconds.

To facilitate easy deposits, we have integrated several payment options. With strong features integrated into our systems, your bank details can never be compromised. Our protocols and SSL technology guarantee the security of every single transaction happening on our site.

Easy and fair Platform to Play Poker for Real Money

Our software is carefully designed to give you a simple, smooth, exciting, and fair experience. PokerDangal platform is a safe, secure, and certified Random number generator game engine which makes us the most trusted platform to play poker online in India.

New or experienced, young or old, all the players can enjoy our tables of poker games. We offer various variations like Texas Holdem, Omaha, and 5 Card PLO games online. Proudly, we have highly entertained all the poker enthusiasts and made the journey even more appealing with exquisite promotions and offers.

Our platform is friendly to newcomers as well. You can play Poker for free at Play Money tables and you will also find real money cash tables with entry fees as low as Rs 50 to explore and get a taste of real money Poker at our platform. We are the only website in India to offer have freeroll tournaments where winnings are directly cashable. Additionally, we have tournaments of all types, from very low to huge buy-ins with great rewards.

Poker Promotions at PokerDangal

We have set benchmarks in the best online poker contests and challenges in the Indian poker industry. Players have won real money, the latest gadgets, trip to Vegas, Goa, etc by playing at PokerDangal.

We have pioneered in offers too so that every single player who plays on our platform can benefit from the offers apart from the benefits like winning real money while playing poker online in India. Every time a player plays, they get Dangal points (loyalty points) which can be converted to real money.

Month on Month, PokerDangal has been redefining promotions in the Indian poker industry.

Poker variants you can play at Poker Dangal

At Poker Dangal, we represent multiple ways of playing Poker online. When you play in India, you expect a good variety of Indian poker.

The poker variety includes:-

How To Play Pai Gow Poker And Win

Freeroll and paid tournaments: We offer the new players a way to learn how to play poker by allowing them free games. Whether you are learning the poker sequence or brushing up your bluffing skills, it is a preferred and fun way to play online poker free. English poker sites.

Texas Holdem

It is considered one of the most exciting poker online games.

The players can push their chips in as they compete by forming the best five-card hand from two personal cards and five community cards.

Omaha Pot Limit

At Poker Dangal, we know that there is more than one way to play poker online. So we give you the opportunity to switch it up. Omaha has a different set of rules. You are dealt 4 personal cards and 5 community cards in this game. So to win you have to combine 2 personal cards with 3 community cards to make the best 5 card hand at the table.

Whether there’s no poker room at the nearby casino or you’d just rather play from your sofa, video poker offers some fun and a chance to win for anyone seeking to hit that flush, full house, or royal flush. Usually grouped with slots in online gambling sites, video poker is based on Five-Card Draw with numerous game options and bonuses available.

Before you grab your lucky rabbit’s foot and take a seat, check out our guide to video poker below so you know what to expect when playing the game.

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Video poker basics

Many people who don’t play slot machines do enjoy video poker — it can be less intimidating than table games and some simply prefer to have options outside of just spinning reels.


Players are dealt five cards and can choose which cards to keep and which to replace. Catch a few nice cards and rack up a nice payout; miss on your draw and the hand is a loser. The idea is to be the player with the strongest hand. A royal flush — a hand containing an ace, king, queen, jack, and 10 all of the same suit — is the best possible outcome. Other strong hands include:

Straight flush – A sequence of five cards of the same suit
Four of a kind – All four cards of the same rank (four queens, for example)
Full house – Three of a kind plus a matching pair
Flush – Five same-suit cards that aren’t in a sequence
Straight – Five cards in a sequence but not of the same suit

How To Win Online Poker

Winning payouts depend which version of the game you’re playing. Pay tables show how much players can win for each hand such as a full house, four of a kind, and a royal flush.

These are a few common video poker games:

Deuces Wild – In this classic game, all 2s are wild and can be substituted for any card to complete a hand. Players can even earn some nice cash for four deuces.

How To Play Poker And Win

Jacks or Better – This is one of the most common video poker games, in which a player must draw a pair of jacks or higher to earn a payout. No wild cards can mean bigger payouts.

Jokers Wild – Like the common dealer’s choice poker home game, there is one joker that is wild and can help secure a nice hand.

Along with deciding which cards to keep in hopes of hitting a jackpot, players must also decide how much to wager. There are usually five options with the maximum bet paying out the biggest jackpots. Video poker also offers a range of bet denominations such as a quarter and up to a dollar and higher.

Options & Strategy

Beyond the games played and bets, video poker players can choose “Bonus” and “Double Bonus” varieties, both of which can offer higher payouts for certain hands and pay out a larger percentage of money in the long run if a player can play perfect strategy.

A somewhat newer addition is the option to play multi-hand video poker. In this option a place can play several hands at the same time. A player will be dealt a hand and then after drawing the other hands will receive random cards allowing for even more paydays. Multi-play ranges from only a few hands to as many as 100.

Another thing to know about video poker is that unlike a slot machine, player choices make a real difference in how a session turns out in the long run. Like blackjack, it’s important that players know basic strategy formulated by gaming experts who’ve run calculations accounting for every draw possible in each game.

For example, Jacks or Better can offer some of the best odds in a casino for those who follow basic strategy. A key principle is to keep any winning hand and not discard an automatic winner in hopes of something bigger. An exception is when a player is dealt four cards with a royal flush draw. With a big payout, pitching in a pair is worth a small loss in hopes of a big reward.

There are numerous sources online to learn basic Strategy and give yourself a better chance to really win some money at video poker.

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How To Play Poker And Win

Things to remember

How To Play Three Card Poker And Win

Be sure to look for games in the casino and when gambling online that offer the best payouts. Some machines even within the same casino will have very different payout schemes. Be a smart player and look for the most advantageous opportunities.

Some games also offer progressive payouts and are worth playing when they’re an option. A jackpot on a progressive machine offers a chance at a huge jackpot if you do hit one of those top hands such as a royal flush.

How To Win In Poker

When it comes to betting, most experts recommend playing the maximum amount whenever possible to maximize returns. A payout at the highest level of bet is much greater than at lower denominations, obviously, but also usually offers a bigger payout than an incremental increase and higher bonuses for bigger hands. For example, a machine may pay 250, 500, 750, and 1,000 units for the first four rows on the payscale for a player who lands a royal flush. However, that same hand will often pay 4,000 units when a player is wagering the highest amount.