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Playing online poker has many advantages over the conventional casino game. One of them is the ability to play on multiple tables at once. This refers to playing several (many) tables at the same time. While you can only sit down at one table at a time in the casino, you can simultaneously play online at several tables and thus increase your chances of winning.
But the multi-tabling not only has advantages, the disadvantages can also make you lose your money a lot faster if you are careless. This article faces the pros and cons. Often one is online poker, similar to the casino, quickly bored because for the good hands you have to wait unless you play the maniac. Sometimes 1 or 2 hours can pass and you have not had a monster hand yet. The frustration sets in quickly and boredom determines the game. This can lead to you playing much more loose and losing more money.
With the multi-tabling one saves oneself above all, namely a lot of time. With a 19-inch screen you can easily have 4 tables next to each other, so that you get 4 times the cards. If you want to, you can put the tables over each other and get even more action. Professionals report that they are playing around 20 tables at online SnGs and even making a profit. But this is exactly where the danger of multi-tabling lies.
Who overestimates is quickly sidelined. Because of multi-tabling demands a multiple of concentration. The attention cannot give away for a second from the tables and this consumes their own forces. Often many decisions have to be made one behind the other and that can quickly become overwhelming. Because with the multi-tabling one has even less time than otherwise for a fold, call or raise to decide. Often even tables, despite flashing and a sound signal, simply overlooked and playful one might play a good hand, which was not registered in the heat of the moment. Those who play 4 tables and more, finds no time to observe his opponents.
Multi-tabling in no-limit poker is the supreme discipline because with hasty decisions the money can be gone immediately. While the analysis of the opponents falls under the table, the systematic playing for it all the more important. Multi-tabling is only worthwhile for tight-aggressive players who can really make money with it. Therefore, if possible, you should only use multi-tabling with more than 4 tables on Limit Hold'em and SnG's, because there are solid behaviors to make a profit.
The more systematic you play, the more readable you become for your opponents. Especially for No Limit Holdem, this is the death card, because the opponents will recognize everything in one. Nevertheless, you can see many players in online poker, who make a lot of money with multi-tabling. They get the hang of it and have enough concentration. With 4 tables, theoretically, you can make four times as much money at the same time as with a single table. So, if you could earn $ 2 an hour so far, you can now make $ 8 an hour. But what kind of skills do you have to have to successfully play multi-tabling?
First of all, you should only play at a table for a while. If you beat your limit regularly and win money permanently, then you can think of multi-tabling. First with two tables, so you can get used to the new screen layout and the double action. If you succeed with two tables again and again, then it continues with 3 to 4 tables. More than 4 tables often have to overlap in the multi-tabling and make the game confusing. Here is again the risk of 'card overlooking', which is why 5 tables and more worthwhile for SnGs with a fixed online poker gameplay.
Important is the relation to the bankroll in the multi-tabling. For several tables, a larger bankroll is needed. The rule of thumb of 300 times a big bet must then be multiplied by the appropriate number of tables. You can not divide your entire bankroll into 4 tables and expect profits. The ups and downs can sometimes be even worse for multi-tabling. But not only at the several tables you have to get used. The many decisions and the acceleration of the game gnaws at the ability to concentrate. Multi-tabling should really only be played in a well-rested state and in a good mood. Drinking and a bite to eat should already be on hand before starting so that no interruptions are necessary.
Also for the multi-tabling you have to take a lot of time and disturbances, such as a telephone call, are rather undesirable. Never try to combine multi-tabling and another activity like watching TV. With a high probability, this will end up unpleasant. As far as listening to music, the poker players are divided. Some prefer music to be able to switch off from the environment, some just become more restless and overstate their decisions. The influence of music is not only valid for multi-tabling, but also in general.
Multi-tabling itself has nothing to do with talent or skill. It simply means speeding up the possibilities to win more money. However, under no circumstances should the concentration suffer. If you practice a lot and slowly approach different tables, you will be successful in multi-tabling!

How To Multi Table Pokerstars

How to multi table pokerstars
  1. Stacking is usually the method of choice for players who play a very high number of poker tables simultaneously. Each table window is placed directly on top of the other windows so that they are all positioned in the same general area of your screen.
  2. If you play on Pokerstars simply click 'Layouts' on the top right corner of any table to instantly tile, stack or cascade your tables. PokerStars Limits the Number of Tables You Can Play to Just Four (2020 Update) Now lastly, people ask me all the time what to do about the new PokerStars table limit of just four.

Free Multi Poker Games

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