How to make money working remotely

11 jobs that you can do from home (platforms, salaries, etc.)
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We live in a time when people go from being in the office from 9 to 6 every day interacting with colleagues, having in-person meetings to staying at home and trying to figure out how to make money online. Today, I'm here for you to talk about different jobs that you can do from home without special skills.

(1) TRANSCRIPTIONIST. This is a work from home job that requires nothing but a functioning laptop, headset, and a sound ear. A transcriptionist is responsible for converting audio to text.

(2) SEARCH ENGINE EVALUATOR. This unique job is relatively simple and just requires an internet connection and access to a search engine. You’ll receive a set of guidelines, as well as keywords, and you need to analyze and evaluate your search results in relation to those guidelines.

(3) CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT. Customer service assistance is one of the most accessible roles to get set up and work from home. These roles generally include assisting customer inquiries through phone calls or answering web chats. It may also include some administrative tasks.

(4) VIDEO GAME PR MANAGER. If playing video games is one of your favorite ways to spend your free time, this career could be would be great. You'd help to connect video game brands with customers.

(5) FUNDRAISING REPRESENTATIVE. If you are passionate about making a difference, with this job you'll help to raise funds for causes that matter.

(6) PHOTO EDITOR. Photo editors work primarily with digital photography. They use photograph editing software to enhance images by correcting resolution and composition, cropping images and adjusting tone, color, saturation and brightness.

(7) PROFESSIONAL COACH. Coaching can take many forms – fitness, business, or life – and can be done while you stay at home.

(8) LEAD GENERATOR. You'll get to pick the hours that work best for you. This job requires you to answer phone calls, and reply to email and social media questions

(9) PROOFREADING. Proofreading is a more skilled role, though formal education is not required. Proofreaders check for more than just grammar, they also look for consistency, formatting, style, and they confirm facts.

(10) VIDEO EDITOR. A powerful laptop that's loaded with editing software, hard drive of footage and a decent pair of headphones is really all you need. Having a desk with extra monitors, full keyboard + mouse, giant speakers, USB hubs and all that are great, but nonessential.

(11) DATA ENTRY AGENT. Data entry is perfect for people who have less experience. Data is increasing exponentially online and offline. With all the data floating around, people are required to fill these data into proper databases and other systems. This is where a Data Entry Specialist comes into play. All that they require is a good typing speed and common sense, two requirements that can easily be improved upon. It is a very convenient work from home jobs.

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Time codes:
1:39 Transcriptionist
2:43 Search Engine Evaluator
3:41 Customer Service Agent
4:29 Platforms that will help you find an online job
6:30 Video Game PR Manager
7:14 Fundraising Representative
8:15 Are people actually looking for new workers?
9:10 Photo Editor
10:36 Professional Coach
11:59 Lead Generator
12:40 Proofreading
13:28 Video Editor
15:02 Data Entry Agent

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