How to Make Money on YouTube without Making Videos | Side Hustle

I make an average of $ 10,000 on youtube, however, I have to edit, create content and do all the work. Which takes an average of 4-8 hours per day. in this video im going to show you, how you can make $ 100- $ 500 bucks on average on youtube without having to do any work

How to Make Money on YouTube without Making Videos | Side Hustle

Basic Idea: We were going to grab popular videos from youtube that can be legally downloaded, and reupload them to our channel and make money. (that way we can make money without creating our own content)

1. Create 1 channel or 10 channels (you don't need to remember 10 passwords it's okay) and pick a niche
– Just got to settings on your youtube channel and click add or create a new channel
– Make sure to customize your channel and add a cool profile picture, and also cover art (about the channel like mine)
– Make sure: Your popular uploads are first
– Set up Upload defaults

Example: Look at my channel art or other youtube channels cover art

Pick a niche: Good examples
Conspiracy videos
top 10 tech
Compilation videos (funny, sad, or anything really)
Invention / tech videos
Magic reveals
Finance Channels (but they are hard to do)

2. Get Monetized: 1k subs and 4k hours (this should take 2 weeks or one month)
– Make sure you apply for it, and when you hit that milestone they’ll automatically put ads on your videos
– Verify your channel

How: Ones you learn the types of videos to post, all you have to do, is download and re-upload at least 1-7 videos per day and in 2 weeks – 1 month you'll meet that goal)

Tip: Monetization is the only way to put ads on your videos

3. The types of videos we’ll use
Creative Commons (you can re-use these videos)
– Add your own thumbnails and more
– Just search a video on youtube (and filter it by creative commons) and also by (view count) you want to copy solid videos

Ps: Subscribe to all the channel making creative common videos and you always have a stream of videos / a stream of passive income

4. Download these videos & and where to find more (Fair Use)
How: just copy the link and search on google or YouTube video downloader and paste in the URL (they also have an extension)
– Just go to a channel already doing it and copy all of their most popular videos, change a few things up, narrate it and boom, it's your videos
– Example: if you find a top 5 channel, then make a top 3 channel and take all their videos

Con: Some one can do the same to your channel

Extra cash: create an amazon affiliate account and link products for more income

– Later in the video: I will tell you how to edit videos and thumbnails for free: so just keep watching

5. schedule them per Day (Optimize, 5 to 10 videos per day) – Check review by youtube to make sure their no Violence and stuff
– Upload video and select schedule (remember to optimize
– Seo optimize the titles (tubebuddy)
– Full description with keywords and tags (Write a few sentences with your tags included)
– Use relevents tags (use social blade pluging to copy tags and edit them to match your video) or just use tube budy)
– Use Close captions (enable auto caption in your language)
– Create a thumbnail (thumbnail has to pop)

Tip: (not to get banned) make sure to upload your video as Youtube Standard License (if you try to do creative common, its again youtube policy)

6. Put ads on them (10m and adding midrolls)
Tip: Make videos over 10m and add an add ever 4m, also one ad before your video and after your videos

Questions: (rewards for making to end, my best secrets)

1. How to edit videos? use Movie makes, Hitfilm express, or any free editing software
– If you need help research YouTube tutorials
– Audio for narration just use your phone audio

Tip: or higher someone on fiverr

2. How often to post
– Every day 1-7 times per day

3. Thumbnail, Photoshop, or just type on google thumbnail maker

Tip: thumbnails have to pop, but also relate to your video (works great, add arrows and circles in them)

4. Its an algothirms:
– Videos optimize
– research click through rate
– watch time

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