How To Make Money On YOUTUBE In 2020 ** My First Video ** (FUNNY CHALLENGE) 💵🎥 | Saxon Sharbino

Hey guys its Saxon Sharbino bringing you my first youtube video. In Todays video you'll see how to make money on youtube my first video funny challenge. In this funny youtube challenge my little brother Sawyer Sharbino shows me how to be a funny youtuber, in my first video. These tips and tricks if done correctly can show you how to make money on youtube. This youtube video was a challenge for me because i am learning some new things. My lil brother is a pro so who better to help me! If you guys enjoyed this video hit that SUBSCRIBE button. If you LIKED the video hit that thumbs up button.

My sister Brighton Sharbino video posted today also:
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REACTING To INSTAGRAM Assumptions (Q&A Challenge) ** EXPOSING MY BOYFRIEND ** ❤️👫 | Brighton Sharbino

Sawyer Sharbino video posted today also:
#tiktok #react #challenge
My SISTER Reacts To My COUPLES TIK TOKS ** Try Not To Cringe CHALLENGE ** 😂📱 | Sawyer Sharbino

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