How to Make Money on Redbubble | My Story | Make More Sales

Hey there! Have you ever wanted to sell on redbubble? Do you have a shop and feel like you're not gaining any sales? In today's video I'm talking all about how I've had success on Redbubble, and how you can get started and increase your sales!

I've been on Redbubble for two years now, and I've definitely learned a WHOLE LOT about how it works and how you can gain attention. If you want more redbubble tips please let me know!

One thing I forgot to mention: having my "breakout" design REALLY helped me expand. I just made one design that absolutely went nuts. You CAN do this as well, just make sure you're posting absolutely as many designs as possible.



Thanks so much for watching! Definitely comment and chat with me, I'd love to get to know you!

-intro music-
Cho (by Maiwan) via Epidemic Sound

-my outfit in this video-
top: brandy melville
necklace: wild fable

-my links-

-about me-
age: 17
favorite books: fangirl, all the light we cannot see, the perks of being a wallflower
favorite youtube creators: ruby ​​granger, bestdressed, unjaded jade

What is your channel about?

I make videos about studying, books, productivity, and just general lifestyle! Some of my recent uploads are how to get an A in Biology, and how I take notes!

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