How To Make Money Off Your Phone! (Forex Trader) Anyone can be Successful

Hey Family! ❤️ I seriously hope you enjoyed and understand this video! Understand that I love you guys and I’d be selfish not rto share this LEGAL, amazing Opportunity for Success! , Also I wanna say if you’re somebody who’s fine with a 9-5 Lifestyle then I wish you the best and there’s nothing wrong with that but you can have BETTER for yourself! Believe in yourself I know a lot of people are uneducated about forex so I tried to break it down ❤️ here’s a summary of what I explained in the video ❤️
Bases to touch on video
• Forex is basically we put our money in the foreign exchange market and as the market fluctuations (meaning currencies going up and down) we profit off of it
 • Forex is free to start but very difficult to learn so by joining your team (tradehouse) they are accessible to
           • IML Academy: which is going to teach them how to trade when to trade and everything basically kindergarten – college Important to watch videos so they don’t lose money
          • IML Tv: where master traders are going live and you literally can stop them and pick there minds and ask any questions you want
        • Telegram ChatS: In the telegram chats there going to be the whole team which is 1000+ traders here to support and help you through your trading journey and you also still have your mentor to go to for help
                 • EARN WHILE YOU LEARN SYSTEM: Signals will be sent to their phones (telegram chats) from our top mentor basically telling them what trade to get into and how to do it, they literally can copy and paste the numbers not knowing what they're doing and make money while learning (IF THEY KNOW HOW TO COPY AND PASTE THEY CAN MAKE MONEY)
 • Everybodies different your results will come from how much effort you put in, HAVE TO BE DEDICATED IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND EARN hundreds or thousand of dollars have to treat it like it’ll get you there
 • does zoom calls where they will have basic training, chart markups, team buildings etc so they'll have everything they need to be successful all they have to do when they have to do when they join is try like it's a job and they ' ll see change, Not treating like a side hustle or just a extra way to get money NOT a Get Rich SCHEME

• Cost $ 225 to startup everybody has to pay theirs, doesn’t go to a person goes to the company
• $ 165 monthly fee can be waived if they refer two people to their business and also don't worry about the monthly fee because you'll be making more money weekly than you monthly fee from trading if they get 3 people they will now get $ 150 a month from the company and as their business grows they will get paid more $$ 150 a week, 250 a week, 500, 1,000 to ten thousand and up a WEEK if they build their business up

ONLY 3% of the world knows about it and most people are scared to join because they don't believe and feel they’ll be successful, we have all the tools for them set out all they have to do is run with them. So join me on my journey to success! If you’re interested and ready to sign up Dm me on Instagram ❤️


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