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In the past, I wrote about the many ways you could make money writing poetry and even selling your photos. It’s an idea many people didn’t think of turning into a lucrative side hustle.

Well, I have yet another idea that could make you money as well that you may have never thought of before — your drawings.

If you have a knack for drawing and love the idea of making money with them, I wanted to share with you some tips you can use right now to turn your great drawings into cash.

The following websites either accept your submissions or you may have to be an entrepreneur of sorts to get your drawings sold. Nonetheless, it’s a way to make cash, but I will be sure to explain how it’s done below.

Earn real Amazon gift card, Starbucks, Nike, Gamestop, Target and plenty other brand cards as you play game and win real money. How much can you win? Well, it is very difficult to say the earning amount, but it can vary between $1 to $3000 or sometimes even more. Simple Money Drawing Rituals. The principle of manifestation with this type of ritual is that whatever you put on the tree in terms of real or fake money will then multiply ten times. This is why it is a good idea to add as many money “leaves” as possible. It is also not a bad idea to add coins.

Let’s begin!


If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, consider creating your own business on Fiverr.

I have talked about Fiverr many times, such as in my get paid to advertise clothes and 40+ websites to write reviews for money posts. In short, it’s a marketplace where buyers can buy just about any service for $5 or more. While the name was founded upon selling every service for $5, you can now sell your services for just about anything, not just $5.

  • How to Draw Money.You may not have much money but you can draw lots of money. You may laugh at the idea but there’s a fiber of truth in it. This How to Draw Money tutorial is totally free. Bills and coins aren’t just rectangles and circles. Input the figures, some doodles and numbers and make them look like prized sketch of treasure. If you are up for a slogan on the benefits of savings.
  • Sprinkle a small handful of bayberry bark into the water. Using Bayberry is a great way to attract money to you, and it has a pleasant scent as well. Get into the water, and just take it easy. Sit in the water, and let the money luck from the bayberry bark soak into your skin.

If interested, consider thinking about a niche. Whether it’s “I can draw anything ” or “I can create a greeting card for you,” check out the most active listings right now to see what’s popular. From there, you should be able to think of something you could offer.

Talking about Fiverr deserves its own post, so for now, I recommend the very popular book, the Fiverr Master Class. This book goes into detail as to how you can make six figures on this site, allowing you to work from home.

You won’t make money right away, but as you build your ratings, you should start to see work flow in.

  • Website: Fiverr, a very popular website geared toward artists, allows you to join and post your artwork, all for free. Picture it as a social media platform for artists.

The cool thing about the website is that you can set your options when it comes to selling your drawings, from selling actual prints to digital copies, there are quite a few options to choose from.

Even if you don’t make a ton on the site, it’s a great website to at least showcase your work portfolio and connect with other like-minded artists. It can also gain you exposure if your pictures were to show in the popular sections of the site.

  • Website:


Etsy isn’t just for selling jewelry and handcrafted scarves as you can sell your personal drawings there as well. From personalized drawings to reprints you can sell over and over, it can be done.

Similar to the Fiverr option, you will have to create a storefront and promote yourself, but once you gain a following, things can really take off. I would recommend at least checking out the drawing categories to see what’s selling as this could give you an idea as to what’s hot at the time.

Etsy is a very competitive platform, and for that reason, like Fiverr, I recommend you read the highly-rated book, Etsy Excellence: The Simple Guide to Creating a Thriving Etsy Business. This very low-cost book can teach you everything you need to know to get started and maybe turn your passion into a full-time gig. I just can’t explain it all in one post right now.

As a final note, do keep in mind that you will have to ship off your items as well as answer any customer inquiries if you were to use this platform.

  • Site:

Consider Selling Your Drawings as Vector Artwork

If you love to draw, you can turn your drawing into what is known as a “vector.” These are computer graphics commonly used to create logos, illustrations or print layouts. Just draw as you normally would and then convert. It’s not as hard as you think.

Since everyone needs a graphic, from brochures to websites, so your unique drawings could come in handy. Plus, the great thing is that you can sell them over and over again unless you offer exclusive rights. This is up to you, however.

To turn your work into a vector graphic, you can use one of the many popular conversion tools online. From Corel Draw to Adobe Illustrator, there are many to choose from, but Adobe Illustrator seems to be the most popular option. A quick Google search can yield a ton of options, some of which are paid while some will cost you.

Once your image is vectorized, you can then sell them on a variety of marketplaces, including:

Yes, you will have to wait for a buyer, but the more marketplaces you use as well as the graphics you upload, the more you could potentially make. The average vector artist is said to make $300 a month.

Consider Instagram

Instagram, as you probably already know, does quite well for creators.

Much like Fiverr and Etsy, it will take some work, but it could pay off huge dividends if you were to gain a following interested in your work.

Start posting your work, interacting with your fans and set up either a shopping link and/or contact information where your fans could contact you for a potential purchase.

Even if you don’t sell your drawings a ton, you could always make money in other ways on Instagram if you build a fairly engaged following.

Out of all options, this could take the longest to take off, but hey, who said making money was easy?

  • Website:Instagram

Sell a Tattoo Design

The very popular,, will let you submit your tattoo designs via what are known as contests.

Here’s how it works, according to the website…

On the site, people who are looking to get a tattoo will create a contest, letting you know what they want. It can be anything. With this information, you can then submit a drawing in hopes they select yours. Since it’s a contest, there’s no guarantee they will select you, but it could be worth your time if the prize is quite high.

If your drawing is the one selected, you win the prize stated, with some prizes as high as $200+, sometimes much more!

While you do have to gamble on winning, it could be a great money-maker if you have the skills necessary to win. Most of the contests on the website, at least when I looked, only had 10 to 15+ entries at most, so your chances of winning should be quite high.


Check out Freelancer or Upwork

If you already have an account on one of these two very popular freelance websites, then you may want to consider bidding on some jobs. There are quite a few!

Both of these websites have thousands of temporary jobs in just about any category and you can apply to any of them as long as you have the skills to do so. A provider will post a job they need done and will wait for freelancers like you to bid on the work. If they like your portfolio, price and what you have to offer, then you could have a great chance at landing the job. Yes, it’s best to have work ahead of time so that they know who they are hiring.

As I write this, Upwork, for instance, had close to 500+ jobs posted where someone needed some sort of drawing. From a story illustration to drawing people, tattoos or cartoons, you may be quite surprised at the number of jobs available. Check it out right now to see what’s available.

How To Draw Real Money Hack

Again, you will have to bid and the provider will have to accept you, but once you build a solid rating and client list, you could soon find yourself bombarded with referral work.

  • Website:Freelancer or Upwork

Companies to Consider

Amber Lotus Publishing

According to the official website, Amber Lotus Publishing accepts artwork submissions primarily from April through July, but you’re welcome to submit year-round. Just let it be known that if you submit outside of this time frame, the response time is much longer.

If submitting, they ask that your artwork must be thematically based and relate to each other. They also ask that your submissions are compatible with their product line.

You can read more about this opportunity via the link below.

  • Website:Amber Lotus Publishing


Caspari doesn’t have certain guidelines if you’re interested in submitting your artwork. Rather, they will review your work to see if your style relates to their products.

To increase your odds of getting your work accepted, it’s recommended you at least browse the Caspari products to at least get an idea as to what they are all about.

You can find out more information via the artist submission guidelines below.

  • Website:Caspari

Card Gnome

Card Gnome is unique in that they send out greeting cards automatically. They are said to be really and customized just for you. You just choose the occasions, get a card recommendation and have the card shipped out.

On the website, the cool thing is that you can sell your greeting card designs and earn 10% of the price of a card. You never have to pay any fees nor do you have to pay a setup charge.

Royalties are quite low per card sold, but if you can sell hundreds a month, it could add up.

  • Website:Card Gnome

Crown Point Graphics

According to the official website, the Crown Point Graphics company is always looking to buy or license art.

Right now, as I write this, they are looking for art in a variety of styles, from folk to watercolor and humor. You can view the full list as to what they are looking for today via the link below.

If submitting, they do prefer a JPG or PDF, but they are happy to work with you if you have something else.

  • Website: Crown Point Graphics

Great Arrow

Great Arrow Graphics is always on the lookout for new talent and designs to add to their card collections.

How to draw real money hack

If you want to submit your greeting card artwork, all that they ask is that you follow the submission guidelines and deadlines, all of which can be found via the link below.

  • Website: Great Arrow


Yet another greeting card company, NobleWorks will take a look at your work to see if it’s something they are interested in.

According to the company description, they are said to be one of the leading humor card publishers, striving for funny and unique crafted cards.

To receive more information, follow the link below to find a form you can fill out to get in touch with the company.

  • Website:NobleWorks

Palm Press

Palm Press will accept your submissions all throughout the year.

If interested, they do ask that your work is fresh as well as conventional so that it aligns with their current look.

To learn about which categories they have to offer as well as how you can submit your original artwork, you can do so via the link below.

  • Website:Palm Press

As you can see, it’s entirely possible to make money with your drawings. Sure, some options can take a bit of time before you see results, but like many money-making ventures, it will be tough in the beginning. It can, however, pay off in the long run if you find yourself to be successful and persistent.

If you ever tried out one of these sites and/or companies, do let me know below as the community would love to hear about it. I would also like to hear from you if you have any questions or concerns in regards to this industry. I can do my best to answer.

In the meantime, strap on your entrepreneur hat and start creating a storefront as well as reaching out to providers who need your help today. The harder you work at it, the more likely you are to make some great cash with your drawings.

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How To Draw A Dollar

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How To Draw Real Money Fast

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When you are ready, drain the tub, and shower under pleasantly warm water to get yourself clean. Think about all the things you want, and how money is going to make it possible. This is a great way to bring some money into your life.

How To Draw Money Sign

Money may be on your mind, but that doesn't mean you have to be helpless. Get some supplies, and see how quickly you can draw money to you!