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How to Play Fantasy Hockey

So here it is: each Fantasy Hockey Player Item will go up +1 OVR for EVERY single goal the real life player scores in the regular season (for goalies, EVERY win)! So, if the player scores a goal, we will update their Player Item +1 OVR the next working day, and yes, if a player scores a Hat Trick, that item will go up +3 OVR on their update. Open Settings and scroll to the bottom to locate the “Fantasy” entry with the rainbow logo. Tap on the “Reset” slider. Launch the app again. Android - Force quit the app (see Step 5 above). Open App Settings (usually accessed through system settings, but can vary by device). Find ”ESPN Fantasy App”. Tap “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache”. The latest in a long line of skill-based real cash sports betting games, online gambling on NHL fantasy hockey is a great way to add some extra spice to the regular hockey season; so let’s take a look at how the popular fantasy sport works and help you set up your first nine-man roster for online gambling.

Though hockey isn’t as popular as fantasy football, fantasy baseball and fantasy basketball, that doesn’t mean fans can’t enjoy fantasy hockey just like everyone else. The basic premise of fantasy hockey is a group of fans, called owners or general managers, compile a team of NHL hockey players and determine a winner from the statistics compiled by their team members.

A bunch of people who get together to play fantasy hockey is called a 'fantasy hockey league'.

How to Play Fantasy Hockey

It isn't hard to learn how to play fantasy hockey.

Fantasy hockey leagues consist of anywhere from 6 to 30 teams, with most leagues having 10 or 12. The more teams in your league, the thinner the available talent pool of players on each team. Leagues of different sizes require different strategies to compete, so keep this in mind before you start or join a league. Team owners compile their teams using either a draft or auction format.

A fantasy hockey draft order is determined by chance or draw, then is run 1st through last, last through 1st, 1st through last, etc. In an auction league, each team owner has a set amount they may spend on their roster and bids against other owners for the rights to NHL players. Players not chosen in the draft or auction are free agents. Any team can pick up free agents by dropping a player currently on their roster.

The number of players per team varies from fantasy hockey league to fantasy hockey league, but one of the most common configurations is:

  • 2 Centers
  • 2 Left Wings
  • 2 Right Wings
  • 4 Defensemen
  • 2 Goalies
  • 4 players from any position

Another common configuration is:

How Fantasy Hockey Works
  • 1 Center
  • 1 Left Wing
  • 1 Right Wing
  • 2 Defensemen
  • 1 Goalie
  • 4 players from any position

Leagues are scored either on a week-by-week basis, where each team assigns starters for the week, or on an overall points basis where the entire team is used for points. In leagues where starters are designated, players not in the starting lineup do not count towards the points for the team. Leagues may use one starter for each position or two, depending on the league bylaws.

Fantasy Hockey Scoring

Fantasy hockey scoring is assigned for different categories in different leagues. Here is a list of the most common categories used. You may design your league using any or all of them.

How Fantasy Nhl Works

  • Goals
  • Assists
  • Plus/Minus
  • Power Play Goals
  • Penalty Minutes
  • Shots on Goal
  • Face-offs Won
  • Game Winning Goals


How Fantasy Hockey Works
  • Wins
  • Save Percentage
  • Goals Against Average
  • Shutouts

Head-to-head Fantasy Hockey Leagues

In head-to-head fantasy hockey leagues, each team competes for the most points in each category against another team for a win. A win can be determined by the team who wins the most categories (in this case, it is advisable to have an odd number of categories) or by a predetermined number of points for each category. Some leagues count the goals category higher than other ones.

The champion of the league is determined in a playoff system toward the end of the NHL season. Some leagues don’t start the playoffs until the actual NHL playoffs start.

'Points' Fantasy Hockey Leagues

The other type of league is a “points” league. Fantasy hockey scoring in a 'points' league involves team owners just trying to accumulate the most points over the course of the season. This type of league requires less involvement on a week-by-week basis for the team owners.

That's the beginnings of how to play fantasy hockey. The nuances and strategies involved in playing fantasy hockey well will come later.

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On December 4, EA Sports released a batch of Fantasy Hockey player items in NHL 21. Fantasy Hockey cards are unique, as these items can be upgraded throughout the year. However, the way that these special cards are upgraded has changed from previous games.

How Fantasy Hockey works in NHL 21

Traditionally, Fantasy Hockey player items have received upgrades based upon real-life player performance. For example, skaters who scored a goal in the real NHL would receive a +1 OVR boost, and goalies would pick up a +1 OVR for every win. However, with no NHL hockey going on for the moment, things are just a little bit different for NHL 21.

On December 4, four Fantasy Hockey player items were released in Hockey Ultimate Team. Flyers C Sean Couturier (84 OVR), Avalanche D Cale Makar (83 OVR), Canucks RW Brock Boeser (82 OVR), and Golden Knights RW Mark Stone (84 OVR) received Fantasy Hockey Master player items, and to acquire these cards, NHL players can complete sets (which will stay active indefinitely) that will yield their lowest-rated version upon completion. Users will need to input a number of Gold players (either rare or non-rare) to acquire the Master items.

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© Provided by GamePur A look at the Master Fantasy Hockey player items.

From here, things get a bit complicated. After acquiring the initial Master item, NHL players will need to complete additional sets, which can be found in the Fantasy Hockey sets folder, to upgrade the overall of the item. These upgrades will include either player items, jersey cards, number items, and even Gold collectibles.

© Provided by GamePur In order to upgrade these Master items, players will need to complete additional sets that meet a variety of requirements, including inputting in Gold players, jersey items, and even Gold collectibles.

As for December, these are the max overalls for each Master player item:

How To Fantasy Hockey

  • Brock Boeser – 89 OVR
  • Cale Makar – 90 OVR
  • Mark Stone – 91 OVR
  • Sean Couturier – 91 OVR

Fantasy Hockey How It Works

Each month, EA Sports will release new sets for each of these players. Users can complete these new sets to further upgrade the player items. Each of these Fantasy Hockey player items will have a maximum overall of 99.

Fantasy Hockey Rankings

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