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Sportando on Meyers Leonard
Miami Heat’s Meyers Leonard out indefinitely for anti-Semitic slur
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Welcome to the NBA Fantasy Basketball Community. New to fantasy basketball? Get started by reading the wiki. What is Trifecta in basketball? What does it mean in NBA? Trifecta explained. Glossary of basketball terms.

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Could the Celtics use Andre Drummond?
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Their recent NBA success has been terrific. Hachimura, Brandon Clarke, Olynyk, Sabonis, NWG, just to name a few
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Sources: Ersan Ilyasova to Sign with Jazz: Pending final bloodwork, free agent forward Ersan Ilyasova will sign vet min deal w/the #Jazz tomorrow, per sources. Ilyasova has already gone through Covid protocol. The 33-year-old played in 63… @bballinsiders
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Sports Illustrated on Meyers Leonard
Meyers Leonard can be heard saying, “F------ cowards, don’t f------ snipe at me you f------ k--- b----” during a livestream.He'll be away from the Miami Heat indefinitely after using an anti-Semitic slur
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LaMelo Ball had a tougher time adapting to the NBL than the NBA.Odd, but true story.
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Tony Jones on Kyle Guy
Also: Kyle Guy might make it close to year 10. He's definitely going to get a second contract somewhere
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Now somebody give Alize Johnson an NBA shot or else
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Paul Reed is just WOW
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Jody Genessy on Ruben Nembhard
Fine. You forced me to Google. Gonzaga's Nembhard (Andrew) is NOT the son of former Utah Jazz guard/Weber State legend Ruben Nembhard. TCU's Nembhard (RJ) is indeed Ruben's son, though.Now you know.
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We created a fantasy sport/football glossary for our users. This Fantasy Sport lexicon shall help anybody who is interested in fantasy sports to get an overview on the most important terms. Latest lotto results. If you are new to fantasy sport, listening to discussions between enthusiastic fantasy players might be confusing. They are using a lot of special terminology or abbreviations, which you may not be familiar with. Our Fantasy Sport Glossary contains the most import terms that get you started.

We divided this glossary into eight sections. A general glossary will cover all general terminology, which is usually the same for all fantasy sport leagues. The other seven sections are divided into the fantasy sports itself. We are currently covering Fantasy Football, Fantasy Hockey, Fantasy Basketball, Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Golf, Fantasy Soccer and Fantasy Mixed Martial Arts.

We are trying to keep this list up to date. If you encounter an out-dated or more term please let us know.


LobbyIs the place where you find all available games you can participate in.
Guaranteed TournamentsA form of game where a big of amount of players participate in and the amount of prizes is guaranteed.
Head to HeadThe form of game where you only play against one opponent
50/50Also known as double or nothing. If you are in the top fifty percent you are doubling your money.
First Deposit BonusThe bonus you can participate in when you are depositing the first time.
PromotionsAll activities a fantasy sport sites understakes to make the games even more attractive. Promotions can be: Bonuses, added value to contests, rakeback, VIP-Program, Refer A friend program etc.
Guaranteed Prize poolThe minimum amount which you will play for.
Multi-entryA type of play where you can enter the contest more than once.
FreerollTournament type where you can win real money without using your own.
Refer a friendA promotion method where you can invite your friends and be rewarded for it. Usually in form of real money or VIP-Points.
Salary CapThe maximum amount you can spend on drafting your team.
RosterIn other words, your fantasy sports team you drafted.
Live scoringSome
PayoutsThe distribution of prizes to all winners.


Passes CompletedAny attempt for one player to pass the ball to another that results in the second player receiving the ball successfully
Passes AttemptedAn attempt by any player to pass the ball
Passing Yardsthe distance in total yards from scrimmage that a passer has thrown the football plus the distance any receivers have run after catching the ball.
Passing TDsAmount of touchdowns scored from a passing play.
CarriesA statistic referring to the number of times a rushing player attempts to advance the ball.
Rushing YardsDistance travelling in yards by any running play
Rushing TDsAmount of touchdowns scored from a running play.
Fantasy PointsPoints allocated to a statistic from the games.
QBAn offensive player who lines up behind the center, from whom he takes the snap.
RBA player position on offense. Although the term usually refers to the halfback or tailback, fullbacks are also considered running backs.
WRA player position on offense. He is split wide (usually about 10 yards) from the formation.
TEA player position on offense, often known as Y receiver, lines up on the line of scrimmage, next to the offensive tackle.
KPlayer who specializes in placekicking (i.e. field goals and kick offs).
DEA player position on defense who lines up on the outside of the defensive line and which principal function is to deliver pressure to the Quarterback. Also known as Rush.


GoalThe team that scores a goal receives one point. The team with most points at the end of 90 Minutes (two halftimes each 45min) received a total of 3 points.
AssistThe action when a player is passing the ball to another player and this person scores a goal afterwards.
ShotThe action if a player tries to score a goal.
Shot on GoalThe action if a player tries to score a goal and hits the goal, but does not socre a point!
CrossThe action when a player passes the ball to another player.
Yellow CardThe action if a player undertakes a forbidden action and receives a first warning. If a player received another yellow card he has to leave the game until the end of the game and is restricted to play for another game.
Red CardThe action if a player undertakes a forbidden action and receives a dismissal.
Clean SheetWhen a goaly did not receive any goals.
Save (GK)The action when the goaly saves a ball from going in the goal.
Penalty Kick Save (GK)The action when the goaly saves the ball from a penaly kick.
Goal KeeperThe position which protects the goal. The only position that is allowed to touch the ball with the hands.
ForwardAlso known as striker. The position which task it is to score goals.
DefenseDefenders play infront of the goaly in order to protect the goal.
MidfielderMidfielders are building the connection between offensive and defensive players. Usually are very creative and fast.
English Premier LeagueBiggest European Soocer League, based in the United Kingdom.
UEFA Champions LeagueInternational soccer contest between european soccer clubs.
BundesligaGerman soccer league. Very popular in the European Union, but also outside. The most famous teams are Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.


Fantasy basketball terminology games
AdvanceThe player that wins the fight advances to the next tournament stage.
Significant StrikesStrikes that were scored from any distance or Clunch/ground Strieks that are considered 'Power Strikes' by offcial scorers.
TakedownIf a fighter brings another fighter off-balance and takes him to the ground.
SweepA throwdown
KnockdownWhen a player is senseless


GoalWhen the puck goes over the goal line in front of the net.
AssistAttributed to up to two players of the scoring team who shot, passed or deflected the puck towards the scoring teammate.
Shot on GoalWhen the puck is fired towards the net and will enter the goal if it is not stopped by the goaltender.
Blocked ShotWhen the puck is fired towards the goal by a player but is stopped from going into the net by the goaltender.
Short Handed Point Bonus (Goal/Assist)Points awarded when a player scores a goal or has an assist when there is less than a full team of skaters of the ice
Shootout GoalA goal scored during a series of penalty shots called a shootout.
Hat Trick BonusBonus given when a player scores 3 goals.
Center / CA forward position whose primary zone of play is the middle of the ice.


PointWhen the ball is successfully put through the basket.
3 Point ShotWhen the ball is thrown towards the basket from behind the three point line.
ReboundTo obtain the ball after a missed field goal attempt.
AssistA pass to a teammate who scores a basket immediately or after one dribble.
Double-DoubleDouble-digit figures in two positive statistical categories (example: 12 points, 14 rebounds).
Triple-DoubleDouble-digit figures in three positive statistical categories (example: 12 points, 14 rebounds, 10 assists).


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PGA TourProfessional Golfers' Association.
Double EagleA hole played three strokes under par. Also called an albatross.
EagleA hole played two strokes under par.
BirdieA hole played a single strokes under par.
ParStandard score for a hole (defined by its length) or a course (sum of all the holes' pars).
BogeyA hole played one stroke over par.
Double BogeyA hole played two strokes over par.
Hole in OneHitting the ball from the tee into the hole, using only one stroke.