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This site is dedicated to breaking down of language barriers and assisting the users who have the desire to learn a language, a need to communicate between languages, and for those who work with languages as a profession. Www.austintexas.gov - The Austin-Travis County EMS website is full of helpful information, safety tips, workshop dates and more. Providing services beyond emergency medical response, the Austin-Travis County EMS makes an effort to be accessible to the community.

Solutions That Work. Designs that Rock.

Avoid the nightmare of building or upgrading your website. Turn over the reins temporarily to a webmaster and experience on-time, in-budget custom web design project bliss. Then take control of your online asset fully armed for future growth and ready to do business.

Solutions That Work. Designs that Rock.

Avoid the nightmare of building or upgrading your website. Turn over the reins temporarily to a webmaster and experience on-time, in-budget custom web design project bliss. Then take control of your online asset fully armed for future growth.

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Our 25 years of experience and vast skill sets allow us to analyze your custom web design needs and deliver more than you ever envisioned. With only a 10% understanding of what you want, EMG can deliver 150% of what you need.

We work with new clients via “referral” from existing clients, for the most part, who are looking for “painless” custom web design and development. We do not require hand-holding or constant guidance, and we work on projects large or small. Just help us determine your needs, then focus on running your business while we do what we do best – build websites.

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Tell us what you need to make your custom web design project rock! We present suggestions, a quote, and timeline. If you accept, submit a 50% deposit, and we begin. You submit to us any materials you want to be used – or we can handle everything for you. We don’t require extensive meetings or waste your valuable time asking a million questions. We maintain our own servers and have built hundreds of custom website design projects since the Internet was a baby.

Your custom website will be delivered on-time and in-budget. Upon approval and receipt of final balance, your site launches. You rock. That’s how we roll.

  • We write the content
  • We procure the images
  • We create the graphics
  • We custom-code the features
  • We create/protect the brand
  • We build the website

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We can take away much of the stress involved in building a new site or upgrading an existing site. Why? Because, just as you know your business – we know ours. When it comes to your website, we will deliver a polished, professional online presence to help you be competitive in your field or marketplace. Our in-house experience and mad skill sets mean you can focus on your business while we do the heavy lifting. We can provide all the elements needed to bring your website alive – professional images, graphics, motion videos, explainer videos, custom functionality, industry-specific platforms, and back-office tools to keep you in control long after the project is complete.

We can suggest tools and employ best practices to help your brand gain traction across social media platforms and search engines. Increase your visibility, lock down security and boost performance to deliver a positive user experience and ensure your business always delivers that critical great first impression.

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We deliver outstanding websites in record time – at a competitive price. While you may find cheaper alternatives, you’ll not find a faster solution for professional design, development or maintenance.

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We develop custom websites using open-source CMS to deliver cost-effective solutions and self-sufficient workflows after launch. We also offer small businesses unique payment options to lessen the impact.

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We specialize in custom websites with unique functionality. If it can be done online, we can do it for your business effectively and efficiently.

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Briefly tell us what you want, when you need it – a few more particulars and we build, launch and even host (optional) your site.
Looking for crypto expertise? EMG has experience building investment and educational websites for entrepreneurs, as well as e-commerce sites with multiple payment gateway solutions for merchants accepting Bitcoin and altcoins. Our knowledge of the cryptocurrency space can save you headaches when doing business in this emerging marketplace. Visit our BitcoinWebmaster sister-site for more details regarding our crypto-specific services.
An outdated website hurts your bottom line if it makes visitors think your business doesn’t care, isn’t popular, or the quality of your goods and services are outdated. Your credibility can be instantly diminished because tech-savvy consumers place a higher value on professional, updated sites with the latest features. Basically, a neglected website makes your competition look great and your search engine ratings drop. You might as well post an “Out of Business” sign on the home page.

But we know that building or upgrading a website can be chaotic. It doesn’t have to be.

Surveys show nearly 60% of site visitors would be less likely to purchase online if their first impression of a website is bad — while only 7.5% say it would have no impact at all.

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Stronger Hospitals
Healthier Communities
Empowered team

Help Change The World

Do what you were born to do; work with populations in need and make a lasting, multi-generational impact on these communities.

Tribal EM staffs:



Em Sites

Mid-levels (PA & NP)

Registered Nurses (ER, Med/Surg, Outpatient, OB)

Medical Support Assistants


Tribal EM’s philosophy for every emergency department is to provide efficient and high quality patient care with an emphasis on cultural sensitivity.

As a physician-led company, we understand the importance of treating our healthcare professionals as our most valuable assets.

An empowered healthcare team allows us to achieve our mission: To positively impact generational change by providing an exceptional healthcare experience to every patient we serve.

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