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He is a werewolf and captain of the Monster High football team and she is a mummy and the captain of the Fear Squad. Much to my delight my arrows both flew true and struck the intended targets at the perfect moment. I foresee them being together for a long time and I can’t imagine anything but good coming from this match. MONSTER HIGH C.A CUPID SWEET 1600 / WAVE 100% COMPLET. $79.69 + $33.93 shipping. Seller 99.7% positive. Monster High CA Cupid Sweet 1600 with Ring Pink Stand & Brush. $45.42 + shipping. Seller 100% positive. MONSTER HIGH DRACULAURA SWEET 1600. Cupid is a new character featured in the Sweet 1600 Storyline of Draculaura. She is the expert on romance and hosts her own radio show at Monster High for anyone who's got a problem with love. Monster High Sweet 1600 Cupid Doll: Doll wears a stylish dress and shoes.

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May you know the news about C.A. Cupid, she has already arrived in Ever After High episodes, and she comes with a new look and outfit. She looks so beautiful, now her hair is longer and her wings are like an angel. Her dad Mt. Olumpus told her this new assignment and she is so exited to start this new chapter in so enchanting place. She would love to help Ever After High students about her heart’s desires. So while she is in Ever After High she is not going to do the radio show.

Here you can see the change of C.A. American buffalo slots gsn. Cupid character from Monster High to Ever After High. She has a new look with long hair style. She wears a new dress more likely to be a Greek tunic as were their ancestors, with pink shoulders. Now the shape of her wings are softer made of feathers and her jewelry and accessories are now gold instead of black.

Had you ever seen her radio show room? So here it is! This lovely room with lots of hearts full of pink. Even the chair is a heart. Her studio will be closed for sometime, while she is in Ever After High.


C.A Cupid Valentine is a beautiful game appeared on the site of our ego, which will test the skill and creativity. In this game you have in the foreground on our heroine cartoon that will have to be as great help for her romantic encounter with her boyfriend. In this game you have to give everything your best to fulfill your goal, although you have a lot of work. In this game you need only mouse with which you must fulfill the tasks step by step in order to help our heroine to have a perfect meeting. In the first part of the game you have to make a scarf with CA Cupid, which will give gift to her lover. CA Cupid wants to do hand scarf as a gift more special than a store bought. You will need to use the arrow keys to make the scarf will receive instructions carefully. Then you have to prepare some strawberries in chocolate. Do not worry if you have not done so yet because you get all the necessary instructions. Finally you have to dress nice as CA Cupid. On the left will be our heroine and the right side you have clothes, accessories and shoes.



Ca Cupid Monster High Coloring Pages

use the mouse