Blackjack Limits Las Vegas

  • OYO: Offering the only live $1 blackjack game on (well, near) the Las Vegas Strip, OYO uses this low limit game to incentivize players staying at Strip resorts to stop in. At a mere 10-15 minute walk from resorts like MGM Grand and Tropicana, OYO should be on the to-do list of visitors seeking low limit blackjack.
  • Bellagio Tables & Games. By all accounts, the Bellagio offers some of the most liberal and fairest blackjack rules on the Las Vegas Strip, and not just at the high limit tables.This is particularly true of the rules regarding splitting pairs, which allow for splitting up to three times to form four separate hands, re-splitting of Aces (RSA) and doubling down after a split (DAS).
  • There are 14 6-5 eight-deck blackjack tables. Most are in the party pit, through a few of the lower limit tables are not. The limits for these games are $10-$1,000. The center pits offer 11 tables of shoes that pay 3-2 on a natural.

Las Vegas Blackjack Table Maximum

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Las Vegas Blackjack Table Minimums


  • Las Vegas Blackjack Table Minimums gets a lot of questions about where on the Las Vegas Strip you can find blackjack games with good odds and low table minimums.

While low minimums might not be a concern for a serious player looking for the best card counting opportunities, I can understand a casual player (non-counter) on a budget valuing this kind of info.

So I’ve compiled a short list of Las Vegas blackjack table minimums on the Strip that have decent odds. Vegas casinos tend to offer low table minimums only with terrible player odds, so my goal is to expose where a casual blackjack player can get a decent game with a low house edge.

Warning: Often what seems like a cheap game is actually going to cost you quite a bit. A great example is the 6-deck blackjack at Flamingo. Don’t be fooled by the “cheap” $5 minimums. All 6-deck blackjack on the main floor of Flamingo holds a 2% house edge due to the horrible rules, and that’s assuming you play perfect basic strategy on every hand. So would you rather play $5 per hand at a 2% disadvantage or $25 per hand at a .2% disadvantage? Over time you would lose twice as much money at the $5 game!

Low Blackjack Table Minimums on the Las Vegas Strip

Keep in mind I’m only considering casinos on the Strip for this article. Downtown and off the Strip will hopefully be covered another day.

Single Deck – All single deck games on the Strip pay 6:5 on blackjack (a $50 bet gets paid $60 on blackjack instead of the usual $75). Avoid these games due to the large house edge. The closest legitimate single deck blackjack would be at Hooters located just behind Tropicana. Although Hooters single deck blackjack will have just a $10 minimum, the house edge is nearly .5% since you can only double on 10 and 11. For all the card counters out there, this game is not a good opportunity because of the weak dealer penetration.

Double Deck (Dealer hits on Soft 17 / Player may double after splitting)
•Circus Circus – $10 table minimum
•Excalibur – $10 table minimum
•All other $5 and $10 double deck on the Strip will have worse rules such as no doubling after splitting.

Double Deck (Dealer stands on Soft 17 / Player may double after splitting)
•Aria – $25 table minimum
•Bellagio – sometimes on a weekday one table will drop to a $25 minimum
•MGM Grand – sometimes on a weekday one table will drop to a $25 minimum
•Mirage – $50 table minimum
•New York, New York (high limit) – $50 table minimum
•Treasure Island (high limit) – $50 table minimum
•Tropicana (high limit) – $50 table minimum

6-Deck (Dealer stands on Soft 17, Double after split, Resplit Aces, Surrender)
•MGM Grand – $10 table minimum
•Aria – $25 table minimum
•Bellagio – $25 table minimum
•Tropicana (high limit) – $25 table minimum
•Wynn – $25 table minimum
•All $5 multi-deck games on the Strip will hit on Soft 17.

So what’s the best value blackjack on the Las Vegas Strip? If you play good basic strategy and bet the table minimum, then out of the places I’ve mentioned you’ll lose the least amount of money over the long haul by playing the $10 minimum 6-deck at MGM Grand. In fact, you would have an expected loss of under $3 per 100 hands played. This low expected loss is due to the combination of low $10 bets and good rules.

Looking for more options? If you’re willing to bump your expected loss per 100 hands up to the $3-$5 range, then you can play at the other places listed that are $25 and under. Playing $25 per hand can actually start to build some decent comp value over time. The $50 minimums would put you closer to a $10 expected loss per 100 hands played, but would also further increase your comp value. To be able to hang out at great places like Aria, Bellagioand Wynn, have free drinks, build some comp credit and have a good time, would you be willing to pay under $5 per 100 hands played? Sounds like a good deal for those that don’t want to take their game to a higher level with card counting. Just make sure you know your basic strategy!

Best Las Vegas Blackjack

High Limit Blackjack in Vegas -- Whales Only Please

High limit blackjack is exclusive for the high players, the whales. When it comes to casinos, there are those who are referred to as the whales, the whales play in the high limit areas. These areas are exclusive for those devoted and enthusiastic players who want to play big and definitely large.

When it comes to betting for the casino whales, it is as simple as breathing: $10,000 here, $20,000 there - it's all pocket change to them. The casino credit for these players stretches from six digits and beyond that. Therefore, when the whales come to Vegas to play blackjack, they are in for betting the big way, regardless of how the dice or cards fall.

Casino executives love these guys because they care less about the low-rollers whether it's a win or lose; it's the whales that make it capable for them to pay for the new hotel towers, new spas and nightclubs.


However, for the determined stalwart player, it is spectacular to watch the whales play. Almost all casino players are attracted to how the whales play, because deep inside, every gambler wants the money and the courage to bet it without second-guessing.

Having said this, below are the best high-limit blackjack spots in Vegas.

Red Rock Casino
The Red Rock Casino is a high limit room where you can play blackjack amongst other games. $100 is the table minimum. The pit bosses and dealers encourage people to come watch the whales play. The drinks are only free for the players. It has great Swarovski Chandeliers with an in-room bar that provides a stunning scene.

Palazzo Las Vegas
This casino has the most number of celebrities and it is relatively easy to bump into one of them. $200 is the table minimum. It has a beautiful bar in the middle of the room that has a floor-to- ceiling approach. This is the best place to enjoy a good game as you watch the whales play it big.

Blackjack Minimum Bet Las Vegas

Cognac is expensive for most people, but this bar has the priciest of it while serving small portions of different finger foods to the players. There is a Chinese restaurant nearby for those who love and enjoy Chinese food.

Luxor Las Vegas Casino
The Luxor Casino is discrete and sophisticated high limit area with a comfortable lounge and restricted station for serving cocktails. The minimum table limit for the High bar room is $100. The pit bosses limit the interaction between the onlookers and the players. This may be a good spot for someone who loves playing without the cheering from other people. The players are given all the assistance and attention to make them feel comfortable and at ease.

Blackjack Table Limits Las Vegas

MGM Grand
The name of the high limit room in this casino is called The Mansion. The table minimum is $100-$500. Of all the high limit rooms in Vegas, this is the most glamorous of them all. It can be described as having a casino within a casino. It has different restaurants, a bar in the lounge and en executive entrance specifically for welcoming arriving players from the airport. However the Mansion is nearly open for the public, but there are private rooms located within the casino. The bets can go as high as $75,000, and for the high limit players this is nothing but pocket change.

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Blackjack Table Minimum Las Vegas

Carta Privada is the name of the high limit room where the table minimum is $100. It has three VIP areas which are spacious enough and have great architecture. The drinks are only free for players; there are leather couches and plush chairs for spectators. There are many tables for playing blackjack and it's suitable for anyone willing to throw down $500.