Betting Account Closed

Betting exchanges are the only place in the betting world where you account will not be closed if you are a consistent winner. I opened my account 20 years ago, have been very succesful and still enjoy the many advantages of betting exchanges. Palace of chance no deposit.

Betting Account Closed
I have two accounts; one with and, and the process to close them has been rather tedious. They offer no easily available links on their websites on how to do so (it involves sending an email to their support staff). Even after sending this email, you are then asked to motivate your decision on why you want to close the account (like why?). Who came up with these regulations?
I managed to 'close' the betway account (the support staff weren't too keen on haggling me it seems), it really isn't closed as such but rather locked, nefariousely lying in wait for me to reactivate it. I'm having a tougher time with sportingbet who seem to not want to budge on me giving them a mini essay on my reason close the account. Where was this red tape when I was opening the damn accounts? They have seemingly created a system on making sure they squeeze you for all you are willing to give, even if it's not in your best interest. What's with the greed man? The house took my money already, let me go.
MyBB, I'd love it if you could investigate the machinations of this industry seeing as it's growing exponentially in SA with the proliferation of smartphones. Investigate the regulators especially as I imagine they must be love that warm spot on the bed they are lying in.

Do Bet365 Close Winning Accounts

Betting Account Closed

Betting Closed Correct

  • If you do something too obvious your accounts will get closed or gubbed (when they set your max bet size to £0). Once that happens you have lost that account for good and cannot open another. If your account gets gubbed before you have finished the wagering requirements of the bonus you will not be able to withdraw.
  • To close out an account, and detail how a patron will be refunded after the closure of an account; (20) If the sports betting system allows online betting, a method for verifying geolocation systems to.