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What a day and age to be living in for any tennis fan. The fast progress of mobile technology has given us many luxuries throughout the years that have made our lives so much simpler and convenient, coining a phrase that will remain for us for years to come – “Uh…there’s an app for that”.
Well, when it comes to tennis, the app markets are full of useful apps that will make even the pickiest of fans happy, each bringing their own unique dose of and giving you a rightful set of tools that appeal to your passion.

Best tennis news apps

Live Score
Live score was one of the oldest score stats websites online, being first established in 1998. The app is a Swiss-army-knife of sport scores, providing live stats from a number of different sports around the globe, including basketball and tennis.

The app quickly became one of the most downloaded sport apps and to no surprise. Upon installing it, you can choose the default sport you want to keep track on and the app will just do the rest. Live Score is very responsive, looks great on retina displays, and you can completely customize it to receive notifications, detailed match stats and commentaries for your favorite games in the ATP, US, French, and Australian Open, Wimbledon, as well as the Davis, Fed and Hopman Cups.
The right app to have when the games start, ATP/WTA Live is just what it says it is - an app that gives you real time updates on the live stats, playing schedule, ranks, draws, and calendar of the and WTA matches.

The app is an official app from the WTA/ATP and in it you can also find stats for the Challenger Tours as well as detailed Player Records and Biographies. The best thing about the app is that it’s simple, easy to use, and runs smoothly across devices – a real treat for any tennis fan!
Tennis Score Keeper
Just like the official apps let you keep track of the scores of your favorite players, the Tennis Score Keeper is an app that lets you save and keep track of your own personal stats.

The Tennis Score Keeper is a really handy app that lets you measure the time of each match, enter/delete points, set up multiple score variations, and export your match stats to review them later and find your weakest points.

A great app for amateurs and professionals alike, especially when you’re playing against that friend who never seems to admit that you’re leading.
Tennis Score Tracker
Tennis Score Tracker has been around for a while but still remains as one of the most useful score tracking apps for both professionals and novice players. Real money casino mobile.

Although some features need the full version to be unlocked, the Tennis Score Tracker free app is still worthy of your time as you can keep track of a number of scores in your Junior and Pro Sets by three different scoring modes, but also completely edit every score during and after the game.

You can even send live score feeds to your friends and family and save detailed statistics of your matches.
Virtual Tennis Coach
The app’s name says it all. Virtual Tennis Coach is a nifty app that gives you access to a database of videos that instruct you on various aspects of the game.

The videos are in HD, and they are the work of Peter Smith, a South Australian tennis coach with more than 40 years in the coaching business. His simple instructions will make tennis easier for even the slowest of learner and his methods are so popular that even world-class tennis players have plenty of positive words to share for the app.

Best Tennis News Apps

However, just keep in mind that you’ll still need to make purchases to unlock every instruction, which is understandable considering the value of what you’re getting.
Coach’s Eye
What would you say if you could see yourself in instant replay? Well, start digging for those words as Coach’s Eye let’s you study your moves in slow motion and analyze where you fall short.

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Coach’s Eye is one of the best sport apps around, especially for those who want to see some improvements in their game as it lets you record a video and then slow it down and analyze it slide by slide by drawing shapes, angles and comparing it to other videos of yourself.

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And if you feel like paying for the monthly $5 subscription, you can also get access to a library of instructional videos to help you improve your playing.