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  1. Backgammon is one of the oldest existing board games. Life even 500 years ago is so hard to imagine for us, and the backgammon game first appeared 5000 years ago. Many people love to play backgammon on entertainment purpose. However, gambling on the game is very common.
  2. Play one of the most revered board games in the world! Our backgammon collection features traditional and modern variations. House rules aside, you must bear off all of your checkers to win. A few lucky rolls of the dice will give you a big advantage over your opponent. Use your best hitting and entering strategies, and double the stakes for.

Website of one of the top backgammon clubs in the United States. Includes past and present tournament information (world-wide), player news, and a web boutique to purchase books, equipment and other backgammon related items. 10 Backgammon Live Backgammon Live is the best! Fair go casino no deposit free spins 2020. Backgammon is a classic strategy game with almost 5000 years of history and our free version is the best place to play it online. You can play free backgammon against a computer or friends and save time on real backgammon setup in our game.

Backgammon is a game said to originate from Persia over 5,000 years ago making it one of the oldest known board games. It is played by 2 opposing players with different colored pieces. The goal is to move your pieces to the correct part of the board then remove them from the board before your opponent. In this web game you must move the white pieces to the bottom right quarter of the board. If you move on to a column contaning one of your opponents pieces their piece will be sent back to the start. Likewise they can do the same to you. You can not move on to a column containing 2 or more of your opponents pieces. Backgammon is a classic game of luck and skill.
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Do you Enjoy a Game of Backgammon? This skill based Game is becoming More and More Popular and now you can Play Backgammon Online.

Played worldwide by all sorts of people, online backgammon is taking off. Play from home or work and discover the joys of this exciting game. Backgammon dates back to the time of the Romans and, with just a few minor variations, is played pretty much the same way today.

An Easy and Fun Game for Everyone

For beginners, backgammon is fun and easy to learn. The goal is to move your checkers round the board into your home, keeping them safe all the while from your opponent. The game is played with two dice, and a third dice – the doubling or gambling cube – can be added to make things more interesting.

Backgammon is played on a board with 24 black and white triangles, and each player moves his checkers in opposite directions. Any singles checkers can be ‘hit’ by the other side, so it’s important to keep them together – if you get caught, you end up in jail, and have to roll the dice to get out.

Play Backgammon from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Online backgammon is so convenient, and best of all it’s free! You can start playing right away, whenever you feel like it. Most sites give you the option of either playing online or downloading software to play at your leisure. Once you’ve got some practice playing backgammon online, you can start playing for money and even enter backgammon tournaments.

Online Backgammon Gambling

If you’re interested in playing backgammon for money, it’s a good idea to read up on some tips before you start. You’ll find many articles online about how to win at backgammon, which moves to make with certain dice rolls and how to avoid getting caught. New players can also find explanations of the rules and glossaries to decipher backgammon jargon.

OnlineBest Site To Play Backgammon Online

And for serious players, you can download software that monitors your backgammon game, and tells you where you went wrong – a great way of improving your skills. Playing backgammon online is a fun way to meet people from all round the world. You’re never short of someone to challenge to a game, and you can also discuss strategies, and chat while you play on many sites.

Best Site To Play Backgammon online, free

Get Good and Win Big

Best Way To Play Backgammon Online With Friends

Backgammon is essentially a game of skill, so if you put in some practice playing online, you may well see rewards. As opposed to most casino games, where the house always wins, anyone can learn to be a good backgammon player and – if you’re good enough -win serious money. Backgammon may be a game, but there are serious amounts of money involved in online tournaments.