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What is EZ-Hang?

EZ-Hang is a unique seven bracket, door installation system that eliminates the need for shims. It allows a person of virtually any skill level to easily learn how to hang a door.

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Hang a door up to 5X faster than traditional methods.

If you’re a homeowner looking to learn how to hang a door for the first time, or a builder looking to improve your quality and efficiency; look no further, you have found the strongest, best value system for hanging doors. You won’t find an easier way to hang a door anywhere!

Patented Universal Installation

Our patented universal bracket system installs doors up to 5X faster than conventional methods. Use EZ-Hang to install interior or exterior doors, along with windows and extension jambs.

Unique Adjustable Attachment

EZ-Hang can be used with or without drywall, on either or both sides of the door, at any stage of construction. There’s no need to bend or alter the bracket for use in the field.

Original Seven Bracket System

We include a seventh bracket to use on the top of the door for extra stability and adjustabilty. If you choose to apply it toward your next installation, it’s like every seventh door is free, or a cost savings of over 15%.
Your product simplifies the process and reduces the labor needed to install a door. I looked online and found the website and ordered enough for the house project we had underway. We like them so much that we ordered a 50 door whole house kit.
Dean S
VP NAHB Certified Graduate Remodelor / Green Professional
I am a 46 year old woman with no door hanging experience. But after my handyman gave me a bid of $1185 for 8 doors to be hung I thought I would give it a try. After googling door hanging I got scared I might have to pay him that until I can across EZ hang. I thought what the heck I can try it. It is so easy and the doors are PERFECT!!! Even my handyman was extremely impressed with how true the doors are and how quick a novice like me got it done!! Thank you EZ Hang I will tell everyone and anyone about how wonderful your product is and lets not forget how quickly the product arrived and what a value it is!!!!
Carrie M
I had a chance to use EZ-HANG and I love it! What a joy to finally have something that takes the hassle out of hanging doors. Thank you so much! I will use it again and again.
Robin Hartl
Just to let you know we love the product and will be putting in another door. This is one thing my husband has not done very well, hanging a door, and now you've made it a joy! Thank you for the quick email reply and service with sending me an extra hanger for the sliding door. My husband loved the concept and easy steps. Best to you and your company and American made -- Yes!!!
Barb Y
Yes we have used the EZ Hangs and they were fantastic. Been in the building trades business for over thirty years and the EZ hang brackets are the most inventive and cost and labor savings product I have ever come across. We hung all ten doors in just over three hours. We then noticed we had made a mistake and hung two doors in the wrong location-no problem with the EZ hang brackets- in 45 minutes, thanks to the EZ technology, we had changed out two pre-hung doors and job complete. Thanks again for your prompt help regarding this great labor and time savings product.
Larry W.
Want to say thanks. Always hated hanging doors and usually paid to have it done on our rehab projects. Tried 'EZ-Hang' and loved it. Hung all my doors in about 3 hours and saved over $150.00 in contractor costs. Thanks again.
Dave C.
I have a friend that I help install doors and trim. He used EZ-Hang, verry cool, easy to use and makes my life easy ...
Last week my workers spent over two hours trying to install an interior door before I arrived at the job site. I advised them not to waste any more time because I had the solution to their problem. They both laughed at me. So, I went to my truck and retrieved the box of EZ-Hang. Within twenty minutes I had the door hung without any problems. Thank you Easy Hang.
Ain S.
This product makes hanging a door a SNAP! I have made several purchases so far. I would recommend this product to anyone that is in the process of building or remodeling their home!!
Eric V.
We highly recommend EZ-Hang door. We have only hung a couple of doors so far but it is much quicker then the traditional method.
D. Hayes
It works, would purchase again. I still have to do the exterior doors. Thanks.
Earl Vinson
I must say that at first I was a little unsure how the e-z-hanger would work. I was quite pleased at how easy it was to hang the door. Great product!!!!
Mike P. - Castro Valley, CA
I have never installed a door in my life, but using your product made it so easy. I hadn't had a good night sleep thinking about hanging my solid core door or hanging myself (that's a joke). Thank you so much for your product!
Joe R. - Orangevale, CA
I have need for several more kits and I remembered how well the last kit worked so I purchased more.
Frank P. - Massapequa, NY
Your EZ-HANG brackets are great. I installed the first six doors in my house using shims and lots of swearing. Using your brackets, it is fast and easy and the doors fit great.
Jeff K. - Stevens Pt. WI
I hung two doors the old way and used EZ-HANG on the remaining four doors. What a difference with EZ-HANG. The doors went up in half the time and fit like a glove.
Bill P. - Larkspur, CO
Wow!! Those brackets worked fantastic. I wasn't sure what to expect and man I hung 2 doors like nobody's business. They operate perfectly. What a great product.
Chris J. - Patchogue, NY
Best Bracket Site
My wife and I hung the door last weekend. I can not believe how easy it was!! At first we were trying to hang the door the old fashion way, using shims. We ended up getting so frustrated that we gave up and left the door unplumbed. I got on the web and found your product and read the reviews and thought that this could make our life easier. Sure enough, it was. Thank you so much.
Justin R.-Garland, TX
I bought these easy hangers and loved them they really helped in the process of hanging the door. It made it so much easier to get the door plumb. I am so glad I ordered them.
Christi G.
EZ-HANG door hangers are a godsend! I'm always working on my home and installing doors properly has always been a challenge. These hangers really do make it easy to get your door in place.
C. Lawhorn
This was the first time using your product after watching your video, it was the easiest door I ever hung, great product. I have been telling people about EZ-Hang.
Robert Delikat
The EZ-HANG brackets have tripled our door installation production. I would recommend this door installation system not only to contractors but to homeowners doing small projects.
Brad VanBergen
EZ hang is awesome! I struggled with hanging heavy solid core doors in my basement. After hours of frustration with shims, I searched the internet for a better way and found EZ-Hang. I hung 4 doors (including a French door) in about 2 hours! This product is the best. Any DIY’er needs to use this product it will save you hours of frustration!

Best Bracket Sites

Great product, can re-adjust door frame, so I can fix my mistakes with ease! The screws can be loosened and re-adjust door.
The products ordered were as described. Price was fair and shipping cost charged to me was reasonable. Directions were fairly simple but the on-line instructions and video are there if I get confused or need more help. They shipped promptly and I had the product before I was ready to install my doors so I was happy about that.
Shipping was quick, and the product worked beautifully! The EZ Door Hangers made hanging two sets of French doors much simpler. Highly recommended!!!
This is a great product. This was my first time hanging a door. I was able to hang each door within minutes and the doors open and close better than my parents who had them installed by high end installers! I would recommend this to everyone who is a do-it-yourselfer.
It took me approximately 20 to 30 minutes per door. I hung three doors. Your brackets are great. I will use them again when the need arrives.
Thank you, Randy, what wonderful customer service. It’s one thing to read and hear about it; it’s another to experience it. I’m looking forward to hanging the first of the doors today.
I’m just a homeowner in the middle of a basement finishing project. I had never hung a door before so decided to do a little web browsing to find out all about it. I came across your EZ-HANG product which looked to make it much easier for a novice to do the job. A little more web research on how-to videos gave me better details on how to use your brackets on both sides of each door jamb for much better stability. I used your EZ-HANG 9 Doors Builders Box to hang 5 interior doors (with my son helping) in just about 4 hours. What a snap to square up the doors jambs and secure them in place from both sides. You have a great product and I would recommend it to other door hanging novices out there.
Just wanted to say you have a GREAT product! Honestly, I never hung a door before and these brackets made it really easy to get the door plumb so it operates correctly. After getting the door initially hung I used shims to firmly secure the jamb to the stud as there was slight 'play' with only the brackets holding the jambs in place. If I was putting up the moulding right at that time the nailing of the moulding would also secure the jamb more, but I still have lots of painting before that is done.
I used your EZ-Hang kit for the first time after fighting with shims in the past, it took 20 minutes start to finish door works perfect, will use your product every time I install a door- Thanks
This product takes a cumbersome installation and makes it simple. I highly recommend this product. It pays for itself instantly.
I did not install my doors but the guy who did when asked what he thought of your product simply said 'awesome'. So there you have it. Great product, you made his life much easier. Thanks.
Everything worked great and even with my limited skills I was able to put the doors up in record time. I wish everything in the world worked this good.
'Great Product!” I now consider myself “well hung”, my doors that is. I hung ten doors in about 4 hours, BY MYSELF! The doors are plumb and stay where you put them anywhere in the arc. I have been telling all my friends about this wonderful way to hang pre-hung doors. Thanks again.
Mark A Kittle
The product is excellent. I have been screwing around trying to put doors in correctly for months, finally I got one right and it only took about 5 minutes.
Larry M.
I have already told a few friends that I know who have rentals and my handyman about your product. What a great easy to use product that took something so hard to do or expensive to get done, and made it easy and extremely affordable. Rarely do you run into something like this. Thanks!
Just wanted to let you know that before we used your EZ-Hang door, it took us two days to hang a new door in the bathroom that we remodeled, my husband and myself and a lot of yelling. Then I was on-line looking for some help on how to make it a little easier to hang the doors, because we were replacing all of the inside doors. So when I came across your ad and I watched the film, I showed it to my husband and he said why not, it can’t hurt. So I ordered enough for 3 more doors, we received it in a couple of days. It took us 2 days to do 1 before we got EZ-Hang and about an hour to do the other 3 doors, and they hang better, they open and close properly, it was just great.. my husband tells everyone about your product. Thank you very much
Bonnie P.
The EZ-hang was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! I'll never use a shim ever again!!!!!
Jay Staska
Your device allowed the easiest door installation I have ever done in 35 years of construction.
Ralph H
I ordered two (2) ezhang kits, used one so far and I can't begin to say how happy we were with the installation. You have a great product that works wonderfully. Thank you so much for a great product that quite simply is easy to use and most importantly it works as advertised!!!!! I will certainly recommend to any and all my friends.
J Enders

Time to iron your favorite jersey, slap some war paint on and dust off that foam finger: March Madness is about to begin! Whether you're an NCAA Basketball superfan or a casual bystander, everyone can get swept up in the magic and drama of the Big Dance. Of course, one of the best parts of the March Madness excitement is participating in a bracket challenge — by yourself or with a group of your friends or coworkers. And with Selection Sunday just around the corner, it's time to rustle up your pool and get in on the action.

Here's a round-up of some of the most popular bracket systems online right now. Some of them are ideal for different kinds of groups, so we're breaking each down by prize package and who would get the most out of each pool. The best part? All of them are absolutely 100% free to use for you and your friends, which means that more money can go into your home-grown pool if you're looking to high-roll. Some even allow multiple bracket sheets to be filled out at no extra fee — so you can develop an underdog-friendly strategy if you're hoping for an upset.

Is there a particular bracketing system you prefer to use? Let us know in the comments below.

1. ESPN Tournament Challenge

If you're looking for a large-scale, cross-platform bracket system that integrates smoothly with your social media, you really can't go wrong with ESPN's bracket challenge. Fill out up to ten different bracket sheets, invite your friends, and compete for the chance to win a $10,000 Best Buy gift card on top of it all. Even if you don't plan to be in the house much during March Madness (or are forced to keep your bracketing a clandestine secret), you can install ESPN's BracketBound app for both iPhone and Android, which not only tracks brackets but also gives handy updates and highlights of the games.

However, when you go big, you can't expect it to stay small. You can invite your friends to play Bracket Challenge, but the scale of ESPN's operation can be a bit daunting to those who just want to play with 10 other people. If you get involved, you're involved with the whole program.

2. CBS Sports Bracket Manager

For those who enjoy a much more hands-on approach to brackets, the CBS Sports Bracket Manager is one of two NCAA-supported apps — and it's the one with the most homegrown feelings. Rather than submitting your picks to a larger pool, CBS Sports Bracket Manager is a platform that helps conduct local pools without the extra layered distraction of the overall game. Simply set up a bracket hub, invite your friends and fill out your own. You can customize your group's page with a personalized name and abbreviation, and inviting people is as simple as giving them the group password to access the bracket page.

CBS goes the extra mile too. In case any sort of hiccup or malfunction happens in your system, you can call their customer service for guidance.

Best Bracket Picks

The downside, of course, is the extra bells and whistles. There's no larger prize at stake, and no social media integration for those who are looking to announce their winnings to friends.

3. NBC Sports Bracket Madness

The catch-all middle path of the bracket games offered up this year, the NBC Sports Bracket integrates a little bit of everything to attract all kinds of March Madness players. It offers the direct and simple pool management system for private group playing, complete with password protection and simple standings. Solitary bracket players will also be interested in submitting solo — especially since there's a handy feature that shows how you rank among all of the other registered pools in the game. It's also pretty beginner-friendly, with a cheat sheet right on the game's main page. So you can play for the big prize and organize a little prize for your pool as well.

This jack-of-all trades game just doesn't have any extra pop. Compared to ESPN's prize money, NBC's $2,000 grand prize seems a little paltry. There's also no way to manage brackets from a mobile device.

4. NCAA Bracket Challenge

The second official bracket system backed by the NCAA, this game is really the baby of the organization. Simply create your entries and join or create your own group to keep track of the action. With a layered system much closer to ESPN's Tournament Challenge, you can actually join any public group available with your entries. One notable group among them is the CNN Bracket Challenge, where all of the news network personalities are making their picks for the Big Dance. The added value of the official Bracket Challenge is its sanctioned integration into the streaming package available in the partnership with CBS. Not only can you access your brackets via the online streaming platform available for games, but also for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

A Bracket

But like its companion program, NCAA Bracket Challenge also has no overall prize for best bracket. This may turn off some solo players.

5. Yahoo Tourney Pick'em

Fully integrated with the overall Yahoo Fantasy Sports section, Yahoo's Tourney Pick'em allows for both private groups and public pools. If you're already in possession of a Yahoo account, joining is seamless and easy. Social media is also cleverly integrated through the 'Like' system — just like your bracket and receive tailored updates throughout the tournament relating to your picks in your feed. You can make up to five brackets for submission to the grand-daddy of March Madness Prizes: Perfect Bracket gets a cool $5 million, and the best bracket wins $10,000. Doubledown game hunters bonus collector. And if for some reason all of your brackets are toasted by round two, you can register on March 15 for the 'Second Chance Game' — a chance to pick up $5,000.

Yahoo's shortcomings are rooted in its Fantasy system — while the prizes are excellent, it's simply better to be in a group where there's a dedicated commissioner rather than going solo. There's a free mobile app available, but it's not as slick or sexy as others.

6. Fox Sports Bracket Challenge

The Fox Sports Bracket Challenge really gives a solo participant an edge. The game only allows each user to enter a total of three brackets. However, those same three brackets can be submitted to five different groups in the system. The result is that any user can be involved in up to 15 different pools during the tournament — fit for a March Madness superfan.

Another great feature is the bracket simulator, which gives players a statistically-driven playthrough of the tournament to analyze chances of winning. And winning is key: A perfect bracket comes with a purse of $1 million and first place is a flat-screen TV.

But for a major bracket challenge, it seems fairly isolated. There's no meaningful social integration and no mobile app to speak of. If you're looking for cut-and-dry fantasy competition, this is the place to go.

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Thumbnail image courtesy of iStockphoto, melhi