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If You’re Betting an Underdog: The odds for underdogs will have a plus (+) sign in front, and indicate the money you’ll win for every $100 risked. So if you’re betting the Red Sox at +110, you’ll risk $100. Take a look at the Big Brother odds from the top bookies below, including BB 2018 next eviction betting, and claim free bets from the best bookmakers. Big Brother Betting Odds – Outright Winner To Win BB 2018; Best odds.

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Bbuk Betting Odds 2019

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Handicapping TIPS

Even if you've previously had no experience or interest in placing bets, you might like to read how well we've done with our own Big Brother bets over the years?

Indeed, we found it interesting to look back at our betting activity from the earlier series recently, and seeing who we thought was going to win half-way through a series.. sometimes we got it spectacularly wrong!

You can check-out how we won £9000+ over the past eight years below.

Free Bet 1:
Get a FREE £50 Bet To Use On Any Betting Market with Paddy Power:

We find that having a gamble during Big Brother makes it more fun to watch. Whatsmore, it's very easy to check the odds and place a little bet with online bookie Paddy Power, even if you've never placed a bet before. So, to check-out the latest odds on all sorts of different markets (Reality TV, the football, the horses etc) and get yourself a FREE Bet of up to £50, just click here and sign-up, which literally takes a minute or two.

To qualify for your Free credit, which is automatically added to your account, all you have to do is debit at least £5 and place a bet (most people stake at least a 'tenner). This offer is available to new customers only and your subsequent bets can be for lower or higher amounts if you wish. You will then receive a Free £5 Bet, which can be used to bet on anything, not just Big Brother. In fact your first bet doesn't have to be on Big Brother either.
Our Free Bet offer for 2011 is a 'match' bet, so if you stake £25 for your first bet, Paddy will give you a free bet worth £25. If you stake £40, the free bet will be worth £40, and so on. The maximum value of the Free Bet is £50.
To see the latest Big Brother betting odds, look for the Novelty Bets section in the left-hand margin of the Paddy Power website, and then find 'Big Brother' in the TV Specials section. Please note that certain Big Brother markets are taken off the Paddy site sometimes according to what's happening in the House. For example, odds can be removed on Mondays because the nominations traditionally take place then.

Free Bet 2:
Double Your Money with Blue Square:

Paddy Power are offering a 'Free Match Bet of up to £50' for 2011 (see above) and they always provide a wide range of markets relating to Big Brother. However you can also get yourself a Free Bet from online bookmaker Blue Square. So, as well as using the Paddy Power website regularly like we do, you can sign-up with Blue Square by clicking here.
To qualify with Blue Square, you just need to place a bet of at least £5 (at odds of evens or greater) and you'll get a Free £10 Bet. This offer is available to new customers only and your subsequent bets can be for lower or higher amounts if you wish. Actually, your first bet can be for more than £5 if you want, but you'll receive a Free Bet worth £10, no more.
Unlike Paddy Power, you don't get the Free Bet with Blue Square until your first bet is settled. That's not a big problem though, because you can use the Free one on the next main series of Big Brother UK, or on The X Factor, the football etc.
Click the Specials link along the top of the Blue Square website to find the Big Brother odds. As with Paddy Power you can bet on any market to qualify for your Free Bet, but with Blue Square it must be a 'win' market i.e. BB Winner, Premiership Winner, horse race Winner etc.

hy not sign-up with both bookies listed above, to really take advantage and get as much as you can for Free?

To see how well we did by betting during previous series of Big Brother UK, and find-out how we did it, click the relevant link/s below:

Celebrity Big Brother 7 Betting - In January 2010 we made over £500 in 4 weeks by placing just five bets. To see the details, click here.
Big Brother 10 Betting - We made over £1500 in 2009. Click here for details.
Big Brother 9 Betting - During the summer of 2008 we made almost £1900. Click here to see how.
Big Brother 8 Betting - We made nearly £800 in 2007. Click here.
Big Brother 7 Betting - In 2006 we made a 'grand. Click here for details.
Big Brother 6 Betting - In 2005 we made almost £900. Click here to see how.
Celebrity Big Brother 3 Betting - In early 2005 we made over £300 in less than 3 weeks and in just four bets. Click here for the details.
Big Brother 5 Betting - In 2004 we made over £1100. Click here for details.
Big Brother 4 Betting - We made over £1200 in 2003, our first year of betting on Big Brother. Click here to see how.

Bbuk Betting Odds

The bets detailed on this website have been placed by our various staff or their families personally; staff that don't necessarily have any influence over the editorial content of the BBO site. We are detailing these bets just for fun and in-order to generate content for the website. Furthermore, we have no inside information and the BBO staff are taking the same gamble as you would be if you were to place a bet yourself.

Bbuk Betting Odds Bet

Although the BBO staff use their judgement to try and place winning bets only, it is best to think of any bets placed on the various Big Brother markets as a bit of fun to make following the show a bit more interesting, rather than a serious way to make money. We strongly advise that you place a bet only if you can afford to lose the money, however you are obviously free to bet how you like with regard to frequency and amounts staked.


Uk Betting Odds

Lastly, Big Brother Online and our betting providers accept no responsibility whatsoever for any financial loss due to bets either placed or not placed as a result of any information found on this page, within this website or within the websites of our betting partners. Please bet sensibly - if think that you, or someone you know, has a problem with gambling, contact Gamcare on 0845 6000 133 for some confidential help and guidance.