Advanced Blackjack Card Counting

One of the most visible differences between basic and advanced blackjack strategies can be seen in the charts. Basic blackjack strategy generally uses a single, easy to follow chart. This chart can be implemented on all variants of the game, although with mixed results.

One of the first Blackjack card counting systems was developed by Edward Oakley Thorp, a retired mathematics professor originally from Chicago. Edward’s 10 Count system is considered by many to be the grandfather of all card counting formulas for the game of Blackjack. Advanced Omega II Card Counting System for Blackjack. When Bryce Carlson created the Advanced Omega II Card Counting System he obviously had the experienced, professional player in mind. Advanced Omega II is a complex system. It is probably not the best place to begin if you are new to card counting. That being said, the Advanced Omega II is one of the most powerful counting methods around. Card counting is a system that experienced blackjack players use to get a profitable advantage over the casino. There are many individual “counts” or systems. Many of them are named after colorful professional gamblers from times past. The 2008 movie “21” bought card counting to. Advanced Card Counting. When learning Basic Card Counting, the Blackjack player’s goal is to master the technique of tracking cards as they are played out of the deck. In doing so, the player will know when the deck is favorable and wagering aggressively is warranted, and when to bet the minimum and wait for the house edge to decrease.

By contrast, the rules of blackjack advanced strategy change from variant to variant. This means that several strategy charts exist, and each is specialized to deal with the rules of those individual blackjack variants, including the number of decks in use. Naturally, this makes them far more effective.

On top of that, almost every basic blackjack strategy will tell players to avoid insurance bets at all costs. Advanced strategy guides advocate taking insurance bets, but only under certain conditions.

Those change from game to game, and each strategy chart will tell you precisely when it is in your interest to do so. Of course, all of this makes learning advanced blackjack strategy charts considering more taxing than getting to grips with basic strategy.

This blackjack calculator will help teach you the correct play to make for every scenario possible. Our advanced algorithm allows you to customize different table rules so you can make the best informed decision to beat the house.

Advanced blackjack card counting rules

It will calculate the best possible option depending on the criteria by telling you the best statistical play: Whether to Hit, Stand, Surrender, Double or Split.

How to use this blackjack calculator

  • Click to choose the dealer’s upcard
  • Click on your first and second cards
  • Click on calculate
  • Click on reset to start over
  • Click on clear to reset only your cards

Once you’ve practiced long enough with our calculator, move on to the next step of how to count cards using the hi-lo method so you can take your new found skills and play blackjack for real money.

Blackjack Card Counting Simulator

Advanced Blackjack Card Counting

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After looking around at other blackjack sites, we saw how complicated their blackjack calculators were and outdated they looked. If you’re a beginner, you’ll most likely get confused and never want to try again. So we made the user interface easy to follow and gave it a modern look.

How To Card Count Blackjack

What is the house edge in blackjack?

Blackjack Counting Systems

The casino has a house edge of 8% against players. By incorporating disciplined strategy, you can lower this down to as little as 0.5%, depending on what the table rules are. This is done by utilizing proper techniques when doubling down and splitting at the right moments.

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